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Estee Lauder instant repair essence special run
as the "essence" of products for the mountains, special run repair essence in early 1980s after the advent of Estee Lauder's flagship product. In 2009, Estee Lauder launched an upgraded version of "instant repair terun essence", has become the focus of attention of.

  water solvent composition table again; two crack yeast fermentation products lytic   skin moisturizing agent. Conditioner  Glucose; methyl alcohol polyether -20   skin agent   polyethylene glycol -75   adhesive wetting agent. The solvent solvent.   butanediol;   film forming agent. Plasticizer double -PEG-18 methyl ether two methyl silane   moisturizing agent. Foaming agent. The interfacial activity of auxiliary agent   Arabidopsis extract   skin conditioners three -32   peptide; skin conditioners methoxy cinnamic acid ethyl ester   ultraviolet absorbent lactobacillus fermentation product   skin conditioners   Sultan kola extract   skin conditioners   retinol palmitic acid ester   skin conditioners pantethine softener     caffeine; skin conditioners glycerol polyether -26 spices.   moisturizing agent. Spreading agent   RNA sodium;   skin conditioners squalane  skin moist and moisturizing agent. Oleth -3 phosphate   emulsifier   oleth -3   emulsifier   oleth -5   emulsifier   bisabolol   antibacterial agent cholesteryl polyether -24   emulsifier.   surfactant; whale wax alcohol polyether -24   surface active emulsifier. Agent   hydrogenated lecithin   emulsifier   Chamomile   skin conditioner hyaluronic acid sodium   powerful moisturizing agent. Skin conditioners tocopheryl acetate   antioxidant. Skin conditioners lecithin emulsifier & nbsp; xanthan gum   thickener. Emulsion stabilizer carbomer - triethanolamine salt   interface agent   three EDTA   sodium; stabilizer. Chelating agent. Preservative butylated hydroxytoluene   antioxidant preservatives.Wholesale   preservatives. Among the Yi Jiao; fixative methylparaben   antibacterial agent. Preservative benzyl alcohol   solvent pigment spices. (green 5) (pigment yellow 5) pigment (red 4)
the composition characteristics of the concept of the repair of DNA damage and aging "for the new version of" little brown bottle ". The basal components follow the previous generation of products, to meet the majority of consumers. The moist repair needs, then joined the 3 special components in Arabidopsis extract. Fermentation products of Lactobacillus and three peptide -32. first two ingredients of DNA repair enzyme responsible for repair, chromosome and mitochondrial DNA light induced oxidative damage, enhanced production of collagen in skin cells the third components of keratinocyte; gene activator, can greatly improve the repair effect, with the extension of cell life. To maintain cell viability. In addition, the previous generation of products has antioxidant and soothing effect are allA? Texture than the previous generation more moisturizing, liposome transfer technology to ensure the absorption and release effect of effective components, to maximize the maintenance of the active ingredients. Summary is a suitable for all kinds of skin all-weather essence of this product as a whole, is also suitable for other care products in order to achieve the best collocation application of skin effect. Suitable skin: all kinds of skin moisturizing: * * * * * * *: whitening anti-aging antioxidant capacity: * * * * force: * * * *

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