Hydrophobic Nanometer Silica IOTA 90-01

Hydrophobic Nanometer Silica IOTA 90-01


Hydrophobic Nanometer Silica IOTA 90-01


Product description:  

IOTA 90-01 is a kind of hydrophobic silica, dimethyl siloxane is uded as the main modifier to modify nano-silica particles by liquid in-situ surface modification technology.

IOTA 90-01 is our company’s special designed super-fine hydrophobic high-performance nano-silica. It has many advantages, such as good quality, cheap, cost-effective, good hydrophobic effects, small adding volume and so on.  


Technical data:



               IOTA 90-01

SiO2                %


Specific surface area BET


PH value   


Oil absorption      ml/g


Drying reduction    %


Burning reduction   % 


Bulk density        g/L











Product Features:

1. Hydrophobic silica IOTA 90-01 is a high-purity product, has very good dispersion in the non-polar and medium polarity.

2. In adhesives and sealants, it can play a good hydrophobicity and rheological control.

3. IOTA 90-01 applicable to high temperature, alkali, strong acid system.



Kraft paper valve port packaging,10kg/bag, 15kg/bag



Avoid rain, moisture.  Goods stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.


Note: As the product is nano-level materials, the main point in the application is the full dispersion in the system.  

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