Application of Fumed Silica in Agricultural Field
PostTime:2023-09-01 11:10:09
01 Improve seed germination rate
In agriculture, treating seeds with fumed silica mixed with trace elements, growth regulators and mineral fertilizers can protect the seeds from mechanical damage and moisture, improve the germination rate of seeds, reduce the amount of fertilizers, and shorten the maturity period and increase crop yields.

02 Ensure strong adsorption of herbicides
In the herbicides such as moxa/bensulfuron-methyl, pretilachlor/bensulfuron-methyl, etc., the dispersibility and adsorption of fumed silica can ensure strong adsorption and long-lasting effect of herbicides.

03 Convenient for storage, transportation and use of pesticides
Adding a small amount of fumed silica to a mixture of two common herbicides, dinitroaniline and urea, prevents the mixture from caking. In insecticide powders such as polythiane and phoxim, the use of fumed silica as a carrier and dispersant will facilitate the storage, transportation and use of insecticides, avoid the use of organic solvents, reduce environmental pollution, and reduce The production cost is reduced, and the drug effect is improved and prolonged.

04 As a carrier or diluent, disintegrant
In agricultural chemical products, such as pesticides, high-efficiency spraying fertilizers, etc., use white carbon black as a carrier or diluent, disintegrating agent, as a disintegrating agent in water-dispersible granules WDG can increase the suspension rate, the recommended content is 10 %about. It can maintain long-lasting efficacy because of its ultra-high surface area with extremely high adsorption capacity, easy suspension, good affinity and chemical stability. Even in rain, wash down and hot conditions, it will remain unchanged for a long time.
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