IOTA-5151, a good partner for material modification
PostTime:2023-09-14 09:44:48
Triethoxyvinylsilane (IOTA-5151) is an important functional silane. It has a dual function and can be used as a cross-linking agent and a coupling agent.

As a cross-linking agent, it is suitable for a variety of polymer types, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, unsaturated polyester, etc., and can improve the mechanical properties, heat resistance, and weather resistance of the polymer. For example, vinyltriethoxysilane is used in cross-linked polyethylene cables and pipes, which can improve the temperature resistance, aging resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance and other properties of polyethylene materials. As a coupling agent, vinyltriethoxysilane can be used in rubber, plastics, coatings and other industries to improve the mechanical properties, weather resistance, aging resistance, adhesion and other properties of products.

Vinyltriethoxysilane has important applications in glass fiber reinforced composite materials. One is as a surface treatment agent for glass fiber, sprayed or impregnated on the surface of glass fiber, and the other is used as a cross-linking agent in composite materials. It can effectively improve the performance of glass fiber reinforced composite materials and is widely used in automobile, aerospace, construction, electronics, medical and other industries.
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