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High temperature defoamer IOTA 3038-15
High temperature defoamer IOTA 3038-60
High temperature defoamer IOTA 3038
Fermentation defoamer IOTA 3036-60
Fermentation defoamer IOTA 3036
Self-emulsifying defoamer IOTA 23037
Water-based defoamers IOTA 23021
Anti-foaming agent IOTA 2303
IOTA 1841 was developed according to the drilling process. It used polysiloxane as the main materials, equipped with high temperature resistant, resistant to shear emulsifying agent, penetrating agent, stabilizer and dispersant, in this way, it can well dispersed in the slurry, and can overcome the mud additives in the creation of resistant foam, it can also prevent from drilling in high temperature and destroy the original state of defoaming agent defoaming performance. JY – 841 has a feature of a long foam, foam suppression effect, less dosage, cheap price ,and it won't have side effects on mud and mud additives. To maintain normal production, safe and reliable.
IOTA 1831 is a especially alkali resistance defoaming agent. It used modified polysiloxane as the main material, equipped with high efficiency, good dispersion auxiliaries, special alkali emulsifier, siloxane adduct compound and into a new type of pulping dedicated defoaming agent. In the process of alkaline pulping, because of the pulping raw material containing natural substances, such as fatty acid, resin acid and adding sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfide and other chemical reactions produce saponification, foaming material such as residual alkali and alkali lignin. Coupled with the high polymer material such as cellulose of bubble effect, and the size of the air flow and mixed into the slurry system, has formed a large number of stable foam. JY - 831 it can rapidly eliminate the bubbles, because of the lignin and other surfactants in the pulp, pulp, paper sizing effect is obvious, when the fast defoaming rate, less dosage of late, the price is cheap, no pollution.
IOTA 1832 type paper writing defoaming agent is a special defoamer developed according to the resistant foam produced by craftwork after adding glues. It’s characterstic are good dispersion, not pasting the nets, good water solubility, and it won't produce oil spot, the spot defects such as silicon. And it’s chemical stability is good, no adverse reactions with other dipping paper additives, widely used in all kinds of paper sizing pulp pulp washing process.
IOTA 1861 high efficient organic silicone foam powder products is a solid special defoamer researched and developed according to market needs, in view of the solid, powder products. It used polysiloxane as the main materials, with easy water dissolved surface active agent in as a carrier. It has good defoaming function in use, inhibit effect and can keep the original state of product, so it is widely used in industrial cleaning, oil powder additives, civil washing, textile or starch processing, pesticide wettable powder, concrete additive, sewage treatment and other industries. And because they do not contain a large number of moisture, storage and transportation is convenient, the prominent advantages of non-perishable, high ph value can be added as elimination, inhibit components of solid powder additives or products, small dosage, fast defoaming, inhibit.
IOTA 1930 is a high performance organic silicone emulsion defoamer. Combined with strong hydrophobic siloxane, in highly crosslinked three-dimensional network structure, fully reached in the system not by emulsification, solubilization, decomposition. Because of crosslinking siloxane three-dimensional reticular structure features, the silicone oil molecules in the system is not easy to deactivation, decomposition and analysis. Thus it has a more lasting regeneration capacity in Inhibition foam. Defoaming agent can be used in most of the water system. It is a common type water-based defoaming agent it can completely replace imported the same type of defoaming agent.
IOTA 21403 type defoamer is an efficient siloxane modified defoaming agent developed according to the characteristics of siloxane combining with the high temperature properties of polyether. It issuitable for oily resin system, and has a great strengthened the defoaming and inhibit function ;Little amount (10-100 parts per million (PPM);It applies to all solvent and non solvent resin system; The high solid content, high viscosity of epoxy resin, silk screen printing ink effects;Organic silicon strong defoaming agent system, the defoaming and inhibit sex is strong, and for a small influence on recoatability.
IOTA 1823 use organic modified polysiloxane as the main material. it has high efficiency defoaming and the compatibility of the paint in solvent-based coating formula, and won't produce the coating defects such as shrinkage cavity and flow leveling is bad. By reducing the paint surface tension in order to improve the wetting of the substrate. It can Increase the surface smooth and scratch resistance and the adhesion properties, improve flow, improve gloss, prevent Mr Nader vortex. Suitable for solvent, solvent and paint to add water system.
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