This product can be cured at room temperature and has long-lasting stain resistance. The hardness can reach 5H after complete curing. It also has excellent water-repellent effect and smooth feel.
Organic Polysilazane IOTA 9150K
Organic Polysilazane IOTA 9283
Transparent super hydrophobic nano coating IOTA ST5
IOTA ST4 high temp. resistant water-based nano ceramics coating
IOTA ST3 Fast self drying super hard nano ceramic coating
IOTA ST2 Waterborne nano high hardness self-cleaning coating
IOTA ST1 Waterborne nano high hardness self-cleaning coating
Organic polyborosilazane (Potteryable precursor polymer) IOTA 9120
Alias:Potteryable precursor polymer
Alias: Potteryable precursor polymer
IOTA PHPS Perhydropolysilazane (PHPS) or Inorganic Polysilazane
IOTA OPSZ 1800 Heat Curable Coating Resin(Organopolysilazanes OPSZ)
Organopolysilazane (room temperature curing coating resin) IOTA-OPSZ-9150
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