Construction industry will drive the growth of silicone sealant demand
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according to the relevant information agency released the latest market report, is expected to 2024 the global market will reach 3 billion 500 million silicone sealant dollars. According to a report in the current analysis, in the construction field. Hollow glass. Cars. Industrial applications, many products are gradually replaced by silicone sealants and adhesives, this is mainly because the silicone with chemical resistance. The corrosion resistance and excellent physical properties, such as water resistance and tensile properties of.

and heat curing radiation curing technology in the production process, will further improve product elongation and curing ability, and preIn the next few years will promote related products demand growth. In addition to raw material suppliers can provide a variety of excellent performance additives products, will further promote the products in the future.

demand growth in the next 8 years, the organic silicon products demand growth in the global construction industry, mainly due to its relative to the other such as polyurethane sealant sealant. Polysulfide rubber sealant. Acrylic sealant has better performance, so there will be a significant increase in the demand for the next 8 years. However, the main restrict factor of organosilicone sealant growth is, the higher VOC emissions, and consumers on the environment and continuously improve the safety awareness of.

to promote green building materials production and the application of China's building materials industry, promote the steady growth. The structural adjustment to the way. The people's livelihood, to better serve the new urbanization andThese and spit lie? Promote the construction of adhesive consumption upgrade action, Chinese adhesive and adhesive tape industry association on October 2016 12~14, held "the fifth building adhesive professional technology and information seminar" in Jiangsu city of Nanjing province. Welcome domestic and foreign construction adhesive production enterprises. The raw material supplier. Application unit construction materials testing unit.. research institutes and relevant units to actively enroll. The theme of the conference: environmental protection new building adhesive, promote green building industrialization development. The latest progress of the meeting, please pay attention to the association's website:




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