Alcohol Coupling Agent

Crosslinking agent for silicone rubber, and glass fiber coupling agent, it is also the raw material of silicone resin.
Poly methyl triethoxysilane,is one of the silicone waterproofing agent series products, is a solvent-based, water repellent neutral. Easy hydrolysis, especially to form a silicone film under acidic or alkaline effect, prevent water infiltration, breathable, weather resistant, good thermal insulation effect, to prevent the building, wood cracking and other characteristics.
Environmentally friendly phosphate-free, no heavy metal surface treatment solution, an alternative to traditional phosphate, passivation process.
It can co-crosslinked resins, can also handle a variety of inorganic fillers.
Used as insulating material for electronic industry, optical glass processing agent and coagulant, the synthesis of organic silicon.
Used in natural stone or other building materials, can form silica sol similar inorganic material (SiO2), in order to enhance the strength of the base material. In the glass and plastic lens material, IOTA-130 (Si28) can provide ultra hard scratch coating for it
It is used in natural stone and other building materials, silica sol are similar to inorganic material (SiO2) formation to substrate strength enhancement in the glass and plastic lens material, IOTA-130 (Si28) can provide super forcedly scratch coating.
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