The current browser does not support music or speech, please in WeChat or other browsers play 4:17 tunes from Hequ agricultural Jinju air sub Nongyan said: "a cold autumn rain. The temperature gradually decreased after Chushu solar term, abundant sunshine, rainfall is less conducive to crop growth at this time is. Vegetable seedling. An important period of planting and management, and in the au
reminder [adhesive network micro group] is full, please add group two, want to join the micro group of friends, please add WeChat: 13783451063, and indicate that the additive group. Author: Li Zhiyun   Pang rahaeng unit: Guangdong Boxing new Mstar Technology Ltd 0 Introduction the organosilicon material has very low surface tension the (19.1mN/m), can significantly reduce the interfacial
click the "Qilian abundant agriculture" to focusing on we can receive good articles every day, please rest assured that the subscription free fall. pest prone, seize the key early prevention and treatment of in autumn is a pest high season, autumn temperatures, pests is the peak of two is open crop; hidden in the outside world, insects have become shed migration, indoor "casual visitor". Theref
      key formula design for material collocation.. dosage. Mixed four elements, the surface looks very simple, but it contains a lot of internal relations, to design a high performance. Easy to process. The low price of the formula is not easy, many factors need to be considered for the following. You make a list of the ten modified formula design, for your reference.  1 &nb
reminder [adhesive network micro group] is full, please add group two, want to join the micro group of friends, please add WeChat: 13783451063, and indicate the plus group.     according to the relevant information agency released the latest market report, is expected to 2024 the global market will reach 3 billion 500 million silicone sealant dollars. According to a report in the curre
for a long haired woman who, is the most difficult summer season! sweating. Oil. Not good care, sauce is long hair playfully torment! went to the salon to do care, "chatter" Japanese guy and feeling listless hair paste, "hair is so fragile, with no silicone shampoo!" on the silicone oil and silicone oil, hair has been divided into two camps. silicone oil pie that hair for thick people, c
  Korea amore Genuine Red Lu scald repair nourish compliant silicone free wash protect 500g+500g ? + moisturizing anti off tough ~ for repair after dyeing hot, dry dull hair, hair soft and dry knot, various damage hair.     & nbsp;
to continue the silica gel made of clay. Under the same tutorial wordy: if you want to do again to view the two suggestions about silica clay of the article, there are detailed notes, to review.. today... We have to do is materials used in mini donuts:. tools with Think-Doh silica white clay red yellow green brown clay: tool 1. white and yellow mud at the ratio of 3:2 and add a little bit of red
Why do some people after the nose will be translucent? silicone prosthesis rhinoplasty is through surgery, the silicone prosthesis pad into the nose, so as to improve the effect of the height of the bridge. The reasons caused by the light, are the following: 1 prosthesis placed too shallow stripping out a space in the nasal tissue originally close, then the silicone prosthesis pad inside, if pl
problem: how can we receive the latest information of domestic mobile phone ? Answer: click the blue words [information] domestic mobile phone can! 9 Sept. 3, Lenovo recently officially released the Vibe P2 Andrews new machine, the mobile phone after the Ministry of network, with a 5100 Ma battery, to charge other devices. configuration, Vibe P2 uses 5.5 inches 1080P AMOLED display, equipped with
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