During spray application, glyphosate, glufosinate-ammonium and refined glufosinate-ammonium will be affected by a series of factors such as drift, fragmentation, bouncing, evaporation, and difficulty in penetration and absorption by the target, which will limit the full use of the drug effect. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the utilization efficiency of the pesticide solution in the pro
Generally, after the silicone products are molded by silicone rubber manufacturers, before they can be packaged and placed for a period of time, the surface of the products will absorb a layer of dust or fibers, which will affect the appearance of the products. Therefore, silicone rubber manufacturers have taken corresponding measures to deal with the problem that the silicone products they make a
         Fumed silica is a very important and very effective additive in body care products, and adding a small amount can have a significant effect. Because there are many hydroxyl groups on the surface of fumed silica, the interaction between particles is relatively strong. In the liquid system, the highly dispersed fumed silica can easily interact in the system to form
Surfactant is an important role in chemical auxiliaries. It is widely used in textile, cleaning, machinery, petroleum and other fields. With the development of technology, the role of polymer surface activity has been valued. Table work also has applications. In general, non-reactive polyurethane surfactants and reactive polyurethane surfactants work differently in the reaction system. Non-reac
Cyclohexasiloxane is a type of silicone oil, which is used in cosmetics as a film-forming agent and smoothing agent, and cosmetics containing cyclohexasiloxane will have a smooth skin feel and are easier to apply on the skin. As an important ingredient or auxiliary in cosmetics, silicone oil is widely used in skin creams, sunscreens, hair care products, shampoos, hair dyeing products, shaving c
characteristic Runhe high hydrogen-containing silicone oil molecules contain a certain number of relatively active Si-H bonds. Under the action of catalysts, they can react with other chemical substances containing double bonds, hydroxyl groups and other active groups to generate various special properties. Silicone products. This product has the characteristics of weather resistance and good hyd
Mixed silicone rubber is based on methyl or vinyl group-containing linear high-polymer polyorganosiloxane (commonly known as raw rubber), with reinforcing fillers, extender fillers and additives that impart various properties. into the base rubber. The main raw materials are methyl or vinyl raw rubber, adding silica, bridging agent, structure control agent, coupling agent and other materials, a
Silicone rubber is an important medical polymer material, mainly used in the field of medical catheters. The aging process of my country's population drives the demand for medical silicones, and the market share of high-end medical equipment is gradually expanding. In addition, the development of the medical beauty industry and artificial organs provides room for growth in the proportion of medica
In the field of industrial corrosion protection, anti-corrosion coatings are the most widely used and effective protective measures due to their low cost, strong applicability, and convenient construction. Traditional industrial anti-corrosion coatings mostly use high-performance, high-volatile organic compound (VOC) solvent-based resins such as epoxy resins, acrylic resins, and polyurethane resin
In recent years, silica gel, as an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe chemically synthesized material, can be used both because of its excellent electrical insulation properties, sealing properties, tear resistance, high strength and compression resistance, and strong plasticity. The heat resistance is as high as 200 ℃, and the low temperature can be resistant to minus 20 ℃. Silica gel
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