What is an adhesive Adhesives, commonly known as glue, can connect the same kind or two or more homogeneous or heterogeneous parts (or materials) together, and have sufficient strength after curing. Organic or inorganic, natural or synthetic substances, It has important applications in construction, coatings, new energy, photovoltaics, home appliances, automobiles and other industries. Second,
Silicone rubber is a linear polyorganosiloxane-based polymer, adding crosslinking agent, reinforcing filler and other compounding agents, and forming an elastic body with a network structure after vulcanization. It has excellent high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, arc resistance, electrical insulation, high air permeability and physiological inertia, etc. It
1. Silicone rubber reinforcing filler: Using MQ silicone resin as a reinforcing agent, liquid silicone rubber products have certain mechanical strength and high light transmittance, and the rubber material has good fluidity before vulcanization; 2. Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive reinforcing tackifier: Adjust cohesion, adhesion and initial tack; 3. Defoamer field: Improve the high te
On March 16, the Nature website published the technical progress of "Highly transparent cellulose airgel research and thermal insulation application for door and window glass" of the School of Physics, University of Colorado. To maintain a comfortable indoor environment, buildings consume 40% of the world's energy. Windows and skylights are the least efficient part of a building envelope in ter
IOTA-540 is 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane, a subsidiary of Iyota Silicone Oil, which is a magical adhesion promoter. Its amino group and methoxy group respectively play the role of coupling organic polymers and inorganic fillers, making the combination of materials more tightly. This makes it a widely used adhesion promoter for a wide variety of thermoplastic and thermoset resins. It can greatly i
IOTA-5043 is n-Octyltrimethoxysilane owned by IOTA. It is a high-efficiency surfactant, like a mysterious key, which can open various waterproof and antifouling doors. It can be used in the field of cosmetics to improve durability, enhance water resistance, and improve stain resistance, so that your makeup can last for a long time without being polluted. It is excellent for making long-las
Simethicone, also known as mini lube, is a common cosmetic ingredient. It is a clear, colorless liquid synthesized from dimethylsiloxane, and is widely used for its excellent lubricity, softness, and smoothness. Today, we'll look at some of the benefits of simethicone and explore why it's an important ingredient in the cosmetics industry. First of all, simethicone is a very good emollient. It c
IOTA-Si69 is the Bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide (Bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide), a derivative of triethoxysilane, of Cheng New Materials. It can improve the glass transition temperature (Tg) and heat resistance of silicone resin. Because of its good thermal stability in high temperature environment, it becomes an ideal material in high temperature environment. IOTA-Si69 can
Aircraft Appearance: Silicone resin can be used in the coating of aircraft fuselage, wing surface and empennage to protect the aircraft surface from the erosion and corrosion of the harsh flying environment. For example, the exterior paint used in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a silicone-containing composite paint. Chassis components: Silicone resin can be used for coating and encapsulation of a
IOTA-570 is 3-(methacryloyloxy)propyltrimethoxysilane under IOTA, which has the properties of hydrolysis reaction and double bond copolymerization reaction. The product can be used in fiberglass, adhesives, sealants, coatings, filler treatment, casting resins and other industries. IOTA-570 can improve the wet and dry strength of unsaturated polyester resin composite materials, and has good ligh
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