Silicone release agent

Plastic release agent IOTA 3866-5
Glass steel products release agent IOTA 3866-1
Concrete release agent IOTA 3866-10
Rubber Shoes printable release agent IOTA 1206-615
Rubber Shoes printable release agent IOTA 1206-630
Rubber Shoes release agent IOTA 3866
Fluorosilicate release agent IOTA 2307
IOTA 10101 can be used for compounding solvent-based silicone and wax of the type of Stripping-off. It is mainly used for: insulation materials, decoration materials, automotive collision parts, furniture, models, hangers, plastic substitutes and so on. There are MSDS, TDS, and COA data provided separately.
Casting release agent
IOTA 10901 applicable to all kinds of natural rubber and synthetic rubber molding, can play good release properties, may, after printing, the dilution ratio of 50-100 times, when the rubber vulcanization can be partially diluted 150-200 times.
Food-grade silicone, Food-grade silicone oil emulsion, Food grade release agent
Filter release agent IOTA 10303
cement release agent IOTA 11301 is an environmentally friendly concrete release agent, the surface was milky viscous aqueous liquid.
Epoxy release agent IOTA 10801
IOTA 11201 can be used for molding a variety of rubber and silicone, and can exert the good property of leave mold, organic fluorine and the active ingredients of the surface.
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