3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane IOTA 5580
Methyl phenyl dichlorosilane IOTA 5804
IOTA 5803 Methyltriphenylsilane
Hexamethyldisilane [(CH3) 3SiSi (CH3) 3], abbreviation HMDS, used primarily for the preparation of trimethylsilyl anion, trimethylsilyl iodide and trimethylsilyl alkali metal salts and pharmaceutical intermediates A protecting agent for groups in bulk synthesis.
IOTA4001 is a new type of silicone chain extension agent, which has a better performance than the conventional oximido silane and amino silane, and provides the best chain extension agent for the new function of the silicone rubber.
Pentachlorophenyl trichlorosilane
Tetrachlorophenyl trichlorosilane
Phenyltriethoxysilane IOTA 531
Phenyltrichlorosilane IOTA 525
Phenyltrimethoxysilane IOTA 530
Triphenylchlorosilane IOTA 529
Triphenylsilanol IOTA 528
Methylphenyldichlorosilane IOTA 527
Methylphenyldimethoxysilane IOTA 526
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