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3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane IOTA 5580
Nano silica dispersion IOTA 100F1, IOTA 100F2
Hydrophobic Silica IOTA 90-02
Hydrophobic Nanometer Silica IOTA 90-01
Hydrophilic type nano-silica IOTA 100
Methyl phenyl dichlorosilane IOTA 5804
IOTA 5803 Methyltriphenylsilane
The product diluted with alcohol solvent, like Ethanol, isopropanol, butanol. It’s eco-friendly, can be cured in room temperature, the hardness of cured coating is up to 3H (Zhonghua Pencil hardness). The product is waterproof, moisture-proof, arc resistance, good weather resistant, high-low temperature resistant, with good electrical insulation performance.
Alias:Potteryable precursor polymer
Alias: Potteryable precursor polymer
High temperature resistant silicone oil IOTA-255A is a kind of modified phenyl silicone oil with high phenyl content.
100:2 two-component liquid silicone rubber belongs to condensation type mold silicone rubber. When part A and B are mixed in 100:2 weight, the crosslinking reaction can occur, and the elastic body with certain hardness is formed after curing. It has many advantages, such as good fluidity, easy to operate with low viscosity.
1: 1 component liquid silicone is addition type non-toxic and tasteless liquid mold silicone rubber, can be placed in the oven pan, resistant to high temperature 250 ℃, long-term stability can be used within 200 ℃. This product pass the FDA food-grade certification, could be used to produce adult products, human organs, body parts, mannequin, chest pads, shoulder pads and other soft silicone rubber. Also used in food molds, candy molds, cake molds, as well as a good material for soap cake mold making.
10: 1 two-component liquid silicone rubber is an addition type non-toxic and tasteless transparent liquid silicone mold rubber, the product has a high transparency after curing, high tear resistance, almost no shrinkage, Good stability, good mold release, no deformation and so on. It is an elastic mold material for filled with AB water, PU, epoxy resin, 815 resin, Polly resin, PT, ABS material and so on.
IOTA-120 HTV phenyl silicone rubber
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