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IOTA SA408FG Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape
IOTA 4815W single component silicone sealant
IOTA 4815Z single component silicone sealant
IOTA 4815C One component silicone sealant
IOTA DJ330 Hot melt butyl
IOTA D4926 Two-component silicone sealant
IOTA 4926 Silicone sealant for new energy automotive safety power
IOTA 4808 Silicone Electronic Potting Sealant
IOTA 888A Silicone Sealant for Solar Modules
IOTA 855 Silicone Sealant for Solar Modules
High temperature resistant silicone emulsion IOTA-240 is a special silicone oil emulsion, to be able to dissolve in water, to solve the difficult apply problem of silicone oil, it is very easy to use.
Hexamethyldisilane [(CH3) 3SiSi (CH3) 3], abbreviation HMDS, used primarily for the preparation of trimethylsilyl anion, trimethylsilyl iodide and trimethylsilyl alkali metal salts and pharmaceutical intermediates A protecting agent for groups in bulk synthesis.
Pentamethylphenyl dihydrotrisiloxane has good compatibility when in combination with methyl silicone oil, liquid silicone rubber, phenyl silicone rubber and phenyl silicone resin. It can be used as crosslinking agent for silicone rubber, phenyl silicone rubber and phenyl silicon resin.
Vinyl terminated T-type phenylpolysiloxane IOTA 253
Epoxy-terminated phenyltrisiloxane IOTA 279 as a toughening and water repellent component of epoxy resin, polyurethane and polycarbonate, it can improve the mechanical and physical properties of the finished product, reduce the cohesive energy, and provide the copolymer with excellent high and low temperature resistant, Water and weather resistance, electrical insulation and resistance to atomic oxygen.
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