Platinum vulcanizing agent

Platinum vulcanizing agent,addition curing agent


Product Name: Platinum vulcanizing agent

Characteristics: DC-A component is a two-component addition curing agent with low curing temperature, fast curing speed and so on. It is mainly used for silicone rubber production. Compared with the peroxide, it has a high level of health, high efficiency, odorless and other advantages. It will gradually replace the traditional peroxide curing agent. Compared with the traditional curing agent, it has the following advantages.

1. One time vulcanization;

2. Does not produce any new low molecular, odorless;

3. Complies with FDA, SGS, LFGB and other certification, safer than import Di ichiorobenzoyl peroxide, 2,5-dimethyl-2,5-di(terbuthylperoxy)hexane;

4. Save time and power, improving production efficiency while reducing production costs;

5. Good dimensional stability, low shrinkage;

6. Mechanical properties greatly improved. By using platinum vulcanizing agent , the silicone rubber has addition reaction that is not same with the original polycondensation reaction, the intermolecular bonding of silicone rubber is better, and the tensile strength, tearing strength and resilience of the products are greatly improved.


Mainly used for the production of silicone rubber, especially for higher hygiene performance requirements or low vulcanization temperature requirements production. It is mainly applicable to a variety of food-grade production, such as extruded transparent silicone tube, molded pacifier, cake mold, etc. or for power system engineering silicone rubber, PET film glue vulcanization, or to improve the physical properties of products and flame retardant and so on.

Performance parameters: 

Product name    

DC-A component (1A)

DC-B component (58B)



colorless and transparent ~ yellowish transparent (paste)

colorless and transparent (powder or paste)


High-grade gas phase silicone rubber recommended adding Proportion




General Gas phase silicone rubber recommended adding Proportion




Note: different rubber dosage may need to adjust.


Vulcanization temperature and time

Molding temperature and time130-150/120-150 seconds

Extrusion temperature and time: 200-180 / 100-150 seconds


Use instruction and sequence:  

1: Refine the silicone rubber evenly and divided into two parts. Add DC-A to one part and refining evenly; add DC-B component to the other part and refining evenly. When used, take the same weight of refining of each part, after mixing evenly, could be used. 

2: Refine the silicone rubber evenly, first add DC-B component refining evenly, then add DC-A components refining evenly. After that, you can use it. Note that the temperature of the material and the roll of the roller cannot exceed 40 ° C when mixed with the A component and the B component, otherwise it is easy to have dead material or the Operation time is too short, lead to premature vulcanization.

The silicone rubber that has added the vulcanizing agent should be used up in 8 hours, if longer it will have dead material. Or could be placed in the freezer, it can prolong the operation time.

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