Silicone oil

Nano silica dispersion IOTA 100F1, IOTA 100F2
Hydrophobic Silica IOTA 90-02
Hydrophobic Nanometer Silica IOTA 90-01
Hydrophilic type nano-silica IOTA 100
Using silicone surfactant as main component, it has the super cleaning ability, remove oil, grease and wax on the surface of the metal parts quickly.
Precipitated Silica IOTA 9002​ Precipitated silica mainly used in silicone rubber, silicone rubber intermediate, mold gel, glass glue, aslo suitable for paint, ink, tyre, sole, coating, cosmetic, pesticide, textile and toothpaste and etc.
High refractive index plasticizer IOTA9006
IOTA-9005 LED gel refractive index regulator is colorless and transparent oil liquid, has good thermal stability and excellent oxidation resistance, high refractive index and low viscosity properties, can be very good to adjust the refractive index of LED gel.
High-refractive index silicone oil IOTA 259A
IOTA 1501 Fluid is a blend of approximately 15% of an ultra high viscosity dimethiconol in cyclo-pentasiloxane. The skin feel of IOTA 1501 Fluid has been demonstrated to be equivalent to that of IOTA 1401 Fluid.
Silicones for Technical Fabrics and Leathers IOTA TCS 7001
This product is a polysiloxane with annular polysiloxane mixture, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, has the very high affinity to hair and skin, can form a complete and uniform silicone protective film.This product has a moderate amount of volatile, add to the formula can be made into soft, smooth and soft feel products, is an ideal material to manufacture hair care products and cream.
IOTA 1021 & IOTA 1022 is a high viscosity dimethiconol dissovled in the Cyclopentasiloxane. High molecular weight polydimethicone alcohol mixture.
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