Vinyl Silane

IOTA VM-32 Dichloro methyl vinyl silane
Vinyltrimethoxysilane IOTA 5071 is colorless or yellowish transparent liquid, soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol, toluene, propanone, benzene, etc., hydrolyze in acidic aqueous.
Silane,ethenyltris[(1-methylethenyl)oxy]- IOTA 5074
Used in the synthesis or manufacturing of reactive silioxane polymers with random vinyl functionality the backone of the silicone polymer chain;
Used as a neutral curing agent in silicone sealant formulations. In most cases Used in combination with methyloxime silane Compared to formulations based on methyloxime silanes only, the use of com binations containing methyl- and vinyloxime silanes leads to a shorter skin formation time of the silicone sealantwithout a reduction of the curing time. The ability of the sealant to withstand stress early, required for a certain elasticity and tear resistance, is achieved.
This product is suitable for all kinds of complex shapes and all the density of polyethylene and copolymer, suitable for large processing technology tolerance, filling composite materials, with a high temperature resistance, good resistance to stress cracking, high memorability, high wear resistance and impact resistance.
IOTA 5172 is a kind of coupling agent containing vinyl functional groups. As the coupling agent, IOTA 5172 can reduce the sensitivity of the mechanical and electrical performance in wet or high temperature circumstance.
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