IOTA VM-32 Dichloro methyl vinyl silane

IOTA VM-32 Dichloro methyl vinyl silane


IOTA VM-32 Dichloro methyl vinyl silane

Chemical name: Dichloro methyl vinyl silane


Physical properties:

Irritable colorless liquid. Boiling point: 93℃, related gravity: 1.085, flashing point: 4℃, refractive index: (ηD20)1.4268-1.4272, melting point: -78℃. vapor and liquid can cause skin burns, inhalation of toxic.

Quality index:

>97.0%(GC) (can also adjust the purity according to customer requirement)


Used to produce methyl-vinyl-cyclosiloxane, organic silicone paints and intermediates of textile auxiliaries.

Packing: 200kg iron drum, can also be packaged according to user requirements. Should be kept sealed and stored in cool & dry place.

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