Silicone oil

Nano silica dispersion IOTA 100F1, IOTA 100F2
Hydrophobic Silica IOTA 90-02
Hydrophobic Nanometer Silica IOTA 90-01
Hydrophilic type nano-silica IOTA 100
High temperature resistant silicone oil IOTA-255A is a kind of modified phenyl silicone oil with high phenyl content.
Using silicone surfactant as main component, it has the super cleaning ability, remove oil, grease and wax on the surface of the metal parts quickly.
Hydrogen silicone emulsion IOTA 2021
IOTA 2801 Silicone Wax(Cosmetic industry) & Silicone wax IOTA 206(textile industry) Silicone wax is the developed synthetic additive for sewing thread and embroidery thread, with better heat-resistant than common dimethyl silicone oil, has low breaking rate, low fuzz, good anti-static properties. The dosage of silicone was is 1/3 to dimethyl silicone oil, it can highly improve the smoothness and softness of thread, increasing thread gloss, has great antistatic properties.
Anionic hydroxy silicone oil emulsion IOTA 2052 Use high purity organic silicon monomer and formed by the reaction of the anionic surface active agent by emulsion polymerization and generate macromolecular organic silicon material. Fine material chosen and applicable technique, It can be used as fabric finishing agent, polyester line lubricant, rubber mold release agent. It has Heat resistant, waterproof, smooth, soft, comfortable, good elasticity, crease resistance and wear resistance properties. It has been more widely used in the manufacturing of thread, textile, printing and dyeing, leather, rubber and other industries.
Precipitated Silica IOTA 9002​ Precipitated silica mainly used in silicone rubber, silicone rubber intermediate, mold gel, glass glue, aslo suitable for paint, ink, tyre, sole, coating, cosmetic, pesticide, textile and toothpaste and etc.
Epoxy silicone oil emulsion IOTA 1051 High purity epoxy silicone monomer and cationic surfactant and emulsion polymerization by the reaction of macromolecular organic silicone materials, fine choice of material and applicable technique.
High temperature resistant silicone emulsion IOTA-240 is a special silicone oil emulsion, to be able to dissolve in water, to solve the difficult apply problem of silicone oil, it is very easy to use.
Pentamethylphenyl dihydrotrisiloxane has good compatibility when in combination with methyl silicone oil, liquid silicone rubber, phenyl silicone rubber and phenyl silicone resin. It can be used as crosslinking agent for silicone rubber, phenyl silicone rubber and phenyl silicon resin.
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