Silicone oil

Phenyl silicone oil emulsion IOTA PEMUL 255
High refractive index plasticizer IOTA9006
IOTA-9005 LED gel refractive index regulator is colorless and transparent oil liquid, has good thermal stability and excellent oxidation resistance, high refractive index and low viscosity properties, can be very good to adjust the refractive index of LED gel.
High-refractive index silicone oil IOTA 259A
IOTA 1501 Fluid is a blend of approximately 15% of an ultra high viscosity dimethiconol in cyclo-pentasiloxane. The skin feel of IOTA 1501 Fluid has been demonstrated to be equivalent to that of IOTA 1401 Fluid.
Silicones for Technical Fabrics and Leathers IOTA TCS 7001
IOTA 238 is a new textile enhancer based on our patented (AB)n technology that has given rise to world-renowned products such as IOTA textile enhancer and IOTA NT textile enhancer. IOTA 238 textile enhancer can help provide outstanding softness and slickness to fabrics and garments, while minimizing the problem of yellowing, shear stability and thermal migration. This new product is water dispersible and can be effective at dosage levels three to four times lower than amino silicone fluids. IOTA 238 textile enhancer may be used on a variety of fabrics but may be most beneficial for synthetics, synthetic/cotton blends, polyester fleece and wool.
IOTA 270 textile softener is a novel (AB)n linear, polydimethylsiloxaneamino polyalkyleneoxide polyether block copolymer. IOTA 270 textile softener is designed to provide soft, silky, full hand to fabrics treated with fluorocarbon soil release additives, while incurring little or no interference with the soil release properties. The softening properties that are provided by IOTA 270 textile softener are durable for numerous detergent washes.
IOTA NT textile enhancer is a patented, quat functional silicone copolymer with a repeating block structure that combines several chemical entities in one linear molecule. Close to self-emulsifiable, IOTA NT textile enhancer can be applied by spray but is particularly well suited for exhaust applications, where its outstanding emulsion stability allows it to deliver full benefits to the end user.
This product is a polysiloxane with annular polysiloxane mixture, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, has the very high affinity to hair and skin, can form a complete and uniform silicone protective film.This product has a moderate amount of volatile, add to the formula can be made into soft, smooth and soft feel products, is an ideal material to manufacture hair care products and cream.
High temperature defoamer IOTA 3038-15
High temperature defoamer IOTA 3038-60
High temperature defoamer IOTA 3038
Fermentation defoamer IOTA 3036-60
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