Silane,ethenyltris[(1-methylethenyl)oxy] IOTA 5074

Silane,ethenyltris[(1-methylethenyl)oxy]- IOTA 5074


Silane,ethenyltris[(1-methylethenyl)oxy]- IOTA 5074

Item: IOTA 5074

Name: Silane,ethenyltris[(1-methylethenyl)oxy]-

Other name:
Silane,tris(isopropenyloxy)vinyl- (8CI);


molecular structure: 

molecular fomular: C11H18O3Si

molecular weight: 226.3443

CAS: 15332-99-7

Characteristic and use:

1, for vinyl silane crosslinking vinyl and acrylic latex, architectural coatings and pharmaceutical intermediates.

2, the silane is easily copolymerization of vinyl and acrylic latex into the main chain.

3, the use of the catalyst with the recommended formula for hard coating and highly crosslinked in after curing.

4, the silane has a very good stability, in the paint will not react before condensation or crosslinking.

5, can provide a new choice in water-based coating preparation and formaldehyde free single.

6, wood coatings, metal coatings, etc.

7, high performance architectural coatings.

8, plastic coatings.

Packaging and storage:

1. 200L PVF steel drum or 25KG plastic drums, special packaging reservations

2. This product should be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place. 

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