IOTA 9608 Silicone Elastomer Suspension

IOTA 9608 Silicone Elastomer Suspension


Dimethicone/VinyldimethiconeCrosspolymer (and) Laureth-3 (and) Laureth-25 [INCI/CTFA]


1.    Non-ionic O/W Suspension

2.    Inner phase of silicone elastomer microsphere

3.    Non-greasy feel on skin

4.    Ease of formulation


1.    Used easily at room temperature

2.    Convenient to be emulsified and dispersed

3.    Smooth and silky feel on skin

4.    Reduce tackiness of systems of formulation


This product is a microsphere suspension of dimethicone/vinyldimethiconecrosspolymer. It can be used in formulations of skin care, sun care, color cosmetics, hair care and shampoo to provide long-lasting dry smoothness, light silky and non-greasy skin feel.

Technical index

Appearance: Milk white thick liquid

Centrifugal stability (ml, 2500 rpm×15 min): ≤0.5

PH value: 5.0~7.5

Solid content (%, w/w): 62-68


Skin care, sun care, hair care, shampoo, color cosmetics, etc.

How to use?

This product can be mixed with water. Add into system of emulsion formulation directly is better for its dispersibility.

It is recommended to add cyclomethicone and skin-protective grease with low viscosity into the formulations containing this product to get silkier and velour skin feel. Mixed the system of formulation with stirring or shearing device.

The common usage level of this product is 0.5-6.0% in hair care formulations, 10-20% in skin care or sun care formulations, and 30-70% in color cosmetics products. It is also recommended to carry out preliminary tests to determine the optimum quantity for particular application.

If you found the product become thicken in the packaging when using, you can stir it, and it will become to normal viscosity.


Packed in 20kg plastic drum or 200kg metal drum.

Storage and Transport

This product is non-dangerous product. In storage and transportation, prevent from the exposure of moisture, acids, alkalis, the sun and rain directly. The product has 9 months shelf life from the date of production at room temperature in seal-tight condition.


This product is neither tested nor suggested in the medical and pharmaceutical applications.

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