Catalyst of polymerization of propylene, Electron donor.
Used as a neutral curing agent in silicone sealant formulations, Normally, it will be combined with MOS or VOS to achieve higher reactivity, shorter skin formation times and higher crosslinking density.
Used as a neutral curing agent in silicone sealant formulations. In most cases Used in combination with methyloxime silane Compared to formulations based on methyloxime silanes only, the use of com binations containing methyl- and vinyloxime silanes leads to a shorter skin formation time of the silicone sealantwithout a reduction of the curing time. The ability of the sealant to withstand stress early, required for a certain elasticity and tear resistance, is achieved.
As a finish or size constituent Mineral fiber insulating materials and abrasives,As an additive to phenolic resin binders Foundry resins, As an additive to phenolic, furan and melamine resins.
Trimethoxysilane has both the alkoxyl g​roup and the active hydrogen group. Due to the presence of active hydrogen atom, Trimethoxysilane is very suitable for preparation of many high pure organosilicon compounds, such as modified silane sealant, anti-fog agent, water repellent agent, silane coupling agent such as vinyl, epoxy and methacrylic acyloxy derivatives and coating materials.
This product contains two kinds of different active groups, Used as a coupling organic polymer and inorganic filler, Enhance the cohesiveness and to improve the mechanical, electrical, water resistance and ageing resistance properties of the products. Used in glass fiber, textile auxiliaries, adhesives and other industries.
IOTA 602 is a kind of organic silane with active amine groups and hydrolysable inorganic methoxy silicon-based bifunctional group. It is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with special odor of ammonia. soluble in alcohol, hydrocarbon and aromatic hydrocarbon solvent.
This product can increase the adhesive ability of the organic material to inorganic base material, it is a common tackifier. Apply to most of the organic and inorganic materials.
This product is suitable for all kinds of complex shapes and all the density of polyethylene and copolymer, suitable for large processing technology tolerance, filling composite materials, with a high temperature resistance, good resistance to stress cracking, high memorability, high wear resistance and impact resistance.
IOTA 5172 is a kind of coupling agent containing vinyl functional groups. As the coupling agent, IOTA 5172 can reduce the sensitivity of the mechanical and electrical performance in wet or high temperature circumstance.
Mainly used as crosslinking agent of silicone rubber, silicone sealant (acid).
It is used as Cobalt Bonding Agents for the room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, Improve the adhesive bond strength with aluminum base material.
This product is a colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, has a strong smell of acetic acid. Soluble in acetic anhydride, cross-linked with water and produces acetic acid.
Mainly used as crosslinking agent of vulcanizing silicone rubber and acid silicone glass adhesive, it could keep low solidification point if not increasing crosslink density, not crystallographic in the environment temperature of 10 ℃. The glue made of this crosslinking agent have good adhesive strength, not easy to crystallization. The disadvantage is that the dry time is short, easy to be oily.
Mainly used as crosslinking agent of vulcanizing silicone rubber and acid silicone glass adhesive, low freezing point, improve working and storage stability of glass and plastic products, the glass glue formulated of this product have good tensile strength and elongation rate after curing.
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