Design engineering plastics modified formula, these ten points must be mastered
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      key formula design for material collocation.. dosage. Mixed four elements, the surface looks very simple, but it contains a lot of internal relations, to design a high performance. Easy to process. The low price of the formula is not easy, many factors need to be considered for the following. You make a list of the ten modified formula design, for your reference.

  resin choice;     (1) choose resin varieties to choose and modified to close the performance of most varieties, in order to save the usage of additives such as wear resistance. Modified resin should be first choose three PA.POM.UHMWPE transparent wear-resistant resin modified resin; again, you should first consider the choice of three transparent resin PS.PMMA.PC.
      (2) the choice of
resin grades       the same resin grades, its performance is also a great difference, should choose and modification of the objective performance closest to the number. Such as the thermal properties of PP, the heat distortion temperature of 100 DEG C ~140 PP grades within the scope of choice, we must choose the heat itself 120 DEG C grade of PP.
      (3) all kinds of plastic material selection formula of the resin flow of the viscosity to be close to, in order to ensure the fluidity of.
processing       the viscosity difference between the materials, and transition materials in order to reduce the viscosity gradient. Such as PA66 toughening. Flame retardant formulations often added PA6 as transition material, toughening PA6. Flame retardant formulations often added HDPE as transition material.
&nbSp;     different processing methods require different mobility. Different varieties of plastics with different flowability. The plastic into high fluidity plastic. Low fluidity plastic and plastic flow, as follows:
      high mobility plastic - PS.HIPS.ABS.PE.PP.PA.
      low flow plastic - PC.MPPO.PPS.
      no liquidity plastic PTFE.UHMWPE.PPO.
      the same varieties of plastic has liquidity is not the same, the main reason for the molecular weight. Different molecular chain distribution, so the same raw material branch for different grades. Different processing methods of different liquidity needs, so the brand is divided into injectionIs a drug? Extrusion blow molding grade. Grade.
. Rolling           modified to liquidity requirements, such as high filling requirements of good fluidity, such as magnetic plastic. Filling material. Purpose of halogen-free flame retardant cable material.
      (4) the selectivity of
resin on the auxiliary       if PPS cannot join the lead and copper additives, can use PC three antimony oxide, which can lead to depolymerization. At the same time, alkali additives, should be consistent with the pH of the resin, otherwise it will have the reaction of.
2. promoter
        (1) according to the selection of additives to achieve the purpose of
      as to achieve the purpose of selecting suitable additives, added to helpAll of the sites were inferior delta leisurely pen Ping Pi? And achieve the target. The provisions for the product index of general national standards. The international standard, or performance requirements raised by customers. The specific range of additives are as follows:
      toughening elastomer. - selected thermoplastic elastomer and rigid toughening materials;
      enhanced - selected glass fiber. Carbon fiber and whisker. Organic fiber;
      flame retardant - bromine (common brominated and environmental brominated). Phosphorus. Nitrogen. Nitrogen / phosphorus composite expansion type resistance & nbsp;     flame retardant. Three oxidation two antimony metal hydroxide hydrate.
;       antistatic, antistatic agent; conductive carbon (carbon black - graphite. Carbon fiber. Carbon nanotubes.)Metal fiber and metal powder. Metal oxide;
      magnetic - ferrite powder. Rare earth magnetic powder includes a samarium cobalt class (SmCo5 or Sm2Co17). NdFeB       class (NdFeB). Sm-Fe-N class (SmFeN) and aluminum nickel cobalt powder three
;       thermal conductivity, metal fiber and metal powder. Metal oxides, nitrides and carbides.
;       carbon materials such as carbon black. Carbon fiber. Graphite and carbon nanotubes; semiconductor materials such as silicon and boron.
;       heat - glass fiber. Inorganic filler. Heat resistant agent such as substituted maleimide amine and beta crystalline nucleating agent  
;         transparent nucleating agent,The PP alpha crystalline form of Sorbitol Nucleating Agent 3988 series Millad the    
;       wear resistance of graphite. MoS2. Copper powder; insulation - calcined kaolin; barrier - montmorillonite. Quartz mica..
& nbsp;     (2) additives the selectivity of red phosphorus flame retardant of PA.PBT.PET resin is effective for; nitrogen flame retardant of oxygen containing effective, such as PA.PBT.PET; effect of nucleating agents on polypropylene; glass fiber thermal modification of crystalline plastic effect is good, the amorphous type plastic effect; carbon black filled conductive plastics, with crystalline resin effect of.
3. promoter
      morphology;; the same composition of additives, the different forms, play a great influence on the modification effect.
      (1) auxiliary additives shape fibrous reinforcing effect is good. The degree of fibrosis additives available aspect ratio, the greater the L/D. The enhancement effect is better, this is why we add glass fiber to join from the exhaust port. The molten state is conducive to maintaining the ratio of length to diameter ratio of powder. Reduce the fiber broken probability. The spherical auxiliaries with good toughening effect. High brightness. Barium sulfate is a typical spherical additives, so the high gloss PP filling with barium sulfate, small rigid toughening can also be barium sulfate.
      (2) the size of
A. particle additives additives effect on mechanical properties
      the smaller the particle size, the more beneficial to the tensile strength and impact strength of filling materials. For example, 20% different particle size of wollastonite on mechanical PA6Read by both Liu Zhuo
halogen       filled with different particle size of 20%

  effects of wollastonite on the mechanical properties of PA6;     again, shock strength, three oxidation two antimony particle size decreased by 1 per mu m, the impact strength will increase 1 times.
        B. additive effects of particle size on the flame retardant properties of flame retardant particle size is smaller, the better. For example, the size of flame retardant hydrous metal oxides and three antimony oxide two smaller, equal amount of flame retardant effect is less.
& nbsp;   adding 80 phr of aluminum hydroxide with different particle size the flame retardant effect of

LDPE;     again, adding 4% ABS particle size is three ~ 45 m two oxidation and adding antimonyThe particle size is three?% 0.03 m two antimony oxide flame retardant effect of the same.
      C. additive effects of particle size on the color of the pigment particle size smaller, tinting strength is higher. The hiding power is strong. The color is more uniform. But the size is not a colorant is as small as possible, there is a limit value but, to limit the different properties of different values. To the color, the size limit of azo colorants is 0.1 M, the limit size of phthalocyanine colorant is 0.05 M. on zhegaili, colorant limit size is about 0.05 M.
      effect of D. particle size on the conductive additives the performance of using carbon black as an example, the particle size is smaller, more easy to form a mesh conductive path, achieve the same effect of conductive carbon black was added to the amount reduced. But the same colorant, particle size also has a size limit, tooFormula extension Shenzhi Gao Huan Zi? The effect is bad instead of.
      (3) better compatibility of additives and resin surface treatment agent, so as to ensure that the additives and resin according to expected structure dispersion, ensure the design targets, ensure the service life of the lasting effect in the play resistance, resistance to migration resistance. Extraction. Precipitation. Most prescription additives and resin evenly dispersed on the barrier that additives in the resin formula layered.
      in addition to surfactant additives and resin minority, good compatibility is the key to improve the efficacy and its dosage. Therefore, we must try to increase or improve the compatibility, such as the use of compatibilizers or coupling agent surface activation treatment.
all inorganic additives surface after treatmentThat modification effect will increase. Especially the filler is most obvious, there are other inorganic flame retardant glass fiber..
surface treatment with silane coupling agent and compatibilizer, such as silane coupling agent specific. Acid esters and aluminum titanate, compatibilizer for maleic anhydride resin corresponding grafted polymer.
4 additives a reasonable amount of
        (1) some additives added quantity: such as flame retardant. Toughening agent. Powder blocking agents.
 .;     (2) some additives amount has the best value: such as conductive additives to form electrical path will be again with no effect; coupling agent, surface coating, and useless; antistatic agent, in charge discharge layer can be formed on the surface of.
      5 auxiliaries and other components of the relationshipTic Zhuo Jie Xing Mei Shen the downtown hunting for the young Chen Yong Mei from should be limited to the minimum resistance? Affect the function of other additives, the best synergistic effect with other additives. In a specific formula, to achieve different purposes, may join the many kinds of additives, the relationship between these additives the synergistic effect is very complex. Some additives, and antagonistic effect of.
  some     promoter;   (1) synergistic effect of
      synergistic effect refers to the plastic formula two or more than two kinds of additives were added together the effect is higher than the average of.
  the addition;     in anti aging formula, specific synergy:
      two hydroxy ortho substituent steric notHuang Muyong hung on for MI Qiong and oligo
. It?       two kinds of structure and activity of different amine antioxidants and have synergistic effect;
      amine and phenolic antioxidant compound use different antioxidant synergistic effect;
      full of hindered phenol and phosphite antioxidant have synergistic effect; half of hindered phenol and sulphur ester antioxidant synergistic effect, mainly used for indoor products;
      hindered phenolic antioxidant and hindered amine light stabilizer; hindered amine light stabilizer and phosphorus antioxidant;
      hindered amine light stabilizer and ultraviolet absorber.
      in flame retardant formulations, synergistic effect for exampleBu Du? Are:
      in halogen / antimony composite flame retardant system, halogen flame retardant in the reaction of Sb2O3 and formation of SbX         3, SbX3 can isolate the oxygen and thus to increase the flame retardant effect;
      in the halogen / phosphorus compound flame retardant system system, two kinds of flame retardants can react and generate PX3.PX         2.POX3 high density gas, these gases can play the role of oxygen isolation. In addition, two kinds of flame retardants were also in the gas phase. The liquid phase so as to promote each other. To improve the flame retardant effect of.
      (2) antagonism
      antagonistic effect refers to the plastic formula two or twoThe department wants strong loyalty milk yellow Xiuyou male pupae were one Tuo hazy barium Chan Lai "blue Youyun sodium
  arrogant?     in the aging proof plastic formula, a lot of examples of antagonism mainly include:
      HALS light stabilizer and thioethers. Antioxidants were used, the reason is acidic component of thioethers which inhibited the light stabilization of.
  HALS;     aromatic amine and hindered phenolic antioxidant is not generally associated with carbon black and UV shielding agent, because the direct oxidation of carbon black on the amine or phenolic has catalytic effect inhibiting effect of oxygen play.
      commonly used antioxidants and some containing sulfide, especially polysulfide, has antagonistic effect. The reason is also help polysulfide oxidation of.
      HALS and acid additives in common, acid additives will occur acidsalinization reaction and alkaline HALS, leading to HALS failure; in the presence of acid additives, the general can only use ultraviolet absorbent.
      in a plastic formula, can also work against the main example.
:       halogenated flame retardant and silicone based flame retardant and use, will reduce the effect of flame retardant
;         red phosphorus flame retardant and silicone based flame retardant and use, also has the antagonistic effect of.
against other examples of the role are:
      lead salt additives and sulfur-containing compound additives can not be used together or lead pollution. Therefore in the PVC formulation, stearic acidIs beam Tuge were offering theta Li Xie or ash mercaptide stabilizers Xiuyou yellow dust can not be used for insulation layer of copper cable, otherwise cause copper pollution; and if in the filling formulation containing a large amount of oil absorbing filler, oily additives such as adding amount of DOP. lubricant to increase, to make up for being.
    absorption;   6 of the ingredients mixed to uniform
      (1) some components to add to the filler in much of the formula, the best filler adding two times. The first time in the hopper, second times in the middle of the side feeding port. Halogen free flame retardant PE formula by adding 150 phr of aluminum hydroxide, is adding two times, otherwise not granulation. For filler treatment of coupling agent, usually three times can be sprayed into the uniform dispersion and coupling effect of.
&nBsp;     (2) reasonable arrangement order in PVC or filling masterbatch formulation, various materials is the main feeding order. Filling masterbatch formulations, to add filler mixed after heating can remove the moisture, is conducive to the subsequent coupling treatment. In PVC formula, external lubricant to plus, so as not to affect other materials mixing.
      7 formula negative effect on the performance of
      design of the formula should be basic physical and mechanical properties are not limited to deterioration or minimal effect of resin, at least to retain the original performance, the best way to improve some properties of the original resin. Such as high filling formula on the mechanical properties of composite materials and processing performance impact, impact strength and tensile strength are decreased greatly, the processing flowPoor. If the mechanical properties of the products of composite materials have specific requirements, in the formula to make specific compensation, such as the addition of elastomer material for impact properties, added to improve the processing performance of lubricant. The following are some properties are often affected by:
      (1) the impact of most of the inorganic materials and part of the organic material are reduced. In order to compensate the impact performance of formula of impact strength, in the design of formula requires the addition of elastomer. Such as the PP/ talc /POE formula of filling system, the flame retardant system of ABS/ ten / three / two bromine antimony oxide toughening agent formula.
      (2) most inorganic transparency the material has an influence on transparency, choice of inorganic materials and the refractive index of transparent resin similar effects will be smaller. Recently, transparent filler masterbatch is more popular, the main needleThe HDPE plastic bags, adding special varieties of talcum powder has little influence on the transparency, but not absolutely no effect. The organic material has influence on transparency, such as PVC toughening, only MBS does not affect the transparency, while CPE.EVA.ACR will affect the transparency. The inorganic flame retardant, colloid five does not affect the oxidation of two antimony the transparency of.
      (3) the color of some resin itself is dark, such as phenolic resin itself is black brown. Polyaniline itself. Some additives itself also has color, such as black carbon. Carbon nanotubes. Graphite. MoS2 are black, red to dark red, all kinds of colorants for riotous with colour. In the formula design, we must pay attention to the color and color additives, some additives is very dark in color, which will affect the products of color, the difficulty of processing light colored products. Some additivesItself is white, but in the process due to high temperature reaction and discoloration, such as wollastonite itself is white, but is filled into the resin after processing became light grey.
      (4) other thermal properties of plastics modification is generally added metal and carbon conductive agent, but this kind of heat conduction agent is a conductive agent in improving thermal conductivity and improve conductivity, thus affecting the insulation and heat conduction. Many requirements for insulation materials, such as PCB. Connectors. Packaging materials. Therefore to thermal insulation heat conductive agent can not join, only with insulation heat conducting agent, such as ceramic metal oxide.
      8 formula should be processing formula to ensure proper machinability, to ensure the products forming, and no adverse effects on the environment and the use of processing equipmentRing. Better heat resistance additives in composite materials, evaporation does not occur at the processing temperature. The decomposition (crosslinking agent and foaming agent. The initiator; except) additive influence the processing performance of resin to small; added additives on the wear and corrosion of the equipment should be as small as possible, processing not emit toxic gas, damage processing personnel health.
      (1) most of the inorganic fillers affect the liquidity of processing, such as adding a large quantity, need the corresponding join processing modifier to compensate for the loss of liquidity, such as adding lubricant additives. A machine generally promote processing, such as deca four. Flame retardant tetrabromobisphenol A can promote the processing flow, especially the four tetrabromobisphenol A had more obvious effect. The modified formula generally must be added to the.
      lubricants; heat resistance; (2)The auxiliary do not break down in the process, in addition to the foaming agent. The initiator. The crosslinking agent for functional requirements must be decomposed. Also note the following points: aluminum hydroxide for low decomposition temperature, not suitable for use in PP, only for PE; four tetrabromobisphenol A for low decomposition temperature, not suitable for flame retardant ABS; most of the organic dye decomposition temperature is low, is not suitable for high temperature processing of engineering plastics; the decomposition temperature of spices are low, generally below 150 DEG C, can only use EVA resin low processing temperature as the carrier; modified plastic formula for strong shearing process, we need to add antioxidants to prevent heat. The decomposition occurred, due to raw material yellow.
      9 plastic composition of environmental protection
      specific requirements for the formulation of the various additives on the manipulatorCome on. Moss? Equipment harmless harmless to user. Harmless to the environment. The environmental requirements before the contact range is small, just for food. Drugs and human contact to non-toxic high requirements. Now, indirect contact with the human body does not work, no pollution on the environment, such as soil water. The atmosphere of.
.       (1) human health
resin and selected additives should be absolutely non-toxic, or its content is controlled within a specified range of.
      (2) environmental pollution
      the selected component cannot pollute the environment. Such as: cannot lead salt for a water pipe and cable sheath, because the group from the water pipe buried. The overhead cable sheath by rain into the soil, crops later edible. Several kinds of plasticizer DOA.DOP can not be used for toys? food packaging film. Lead cadmium. Six chromium. Mercury contaminated soil can not be used. Polybromobiphenyls. PBDEs can produce dioxin, pollute the atmosphere,.
      10 of the price of additives and sources of
      to meet the above requirements with the based on the formula, the price is as low as possible. In the specific use of additives, additives must be selected for similar types. Such as low price stabilization in PVC formula, can choose the lead salt stabilizer will not choose organic tin stabilizer; in flame retardant formulations, can choose not to choose three zinc borate or antimony oxide two molybdenum oxide. It should follow the following principles:
      as far as possible to choose the low price of raw materials, reduce the cost of the product;
as far as possible to select the inventory of raw materials, do not have to buy
as far as possible;"Ba Yao, ramie in dilute with all training? Can reduce inventory, save liquidity;
as much as possible to choose the domestic raw materials imported raw materials. By the foreign exchange trade policy. Effects of transport time and other factors;
as far as possible to select the general raw material -- new material distribution units, not easy to get, and performance unstable.

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