Autumn vegetables and vegetables
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The current

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Nongyan said: "a cold autumn rain. The temperature gradually decreased after Chushu solar term, abundant sunshine, rainfall is less conducive to crop growth at this time is. Vegetable seedling. An important period of planting and management, and in the autumn vegetable management critical period, but also to strengthen the prevention and control of diseases and pests of greenhouse tomato.

1 autumn greenhouse crop planting

in autumn and winter. Pepper like eggplant. The appropriate period of crop planting is the temperature in late August -9 month, the insulation performance of greenhouse can overwinter but later cultivation, planting.

- providedThe buckle film, selection of drip defogging film EVA function, the conditions of using PO membrane; tomato eggplant in greenhouse. The best change with the new film, eggplant, do not use PVC film, otherwise it will affect the colour of fruit. The amplitude of plastic sheeting temporarily buried in the soil, seal with insect net, in order to the..

disinfection greenhouse and soil. In summer soil disinfection, the use of solar heat method expenses are small, the effect is good; but also sulfur fumigation methods using greenhouse disinfection, dosage of 3 kg per mu, or the amount of 4 grams per cubic meter of space, 8 grams of sawdust, lit sealed after 24 hours or 45%. Smoke. Chlorothalonil smoke 200-250 grams per acre or 30% SUMILEX smoke agent 300-500 grams, light seal 2-3 hours after exercise, can effectively kill the bacteria.

- applying enough organic fertilizer as base fertilizer per mu, applying the full maturity. Fine quality organic fertilizer 5000 kg, if the use of organic fertilizer raw, not only can not timely supply of crop nutrients, but also caused the retting root affecting crop growth, damage, and other underground pest grub will occur so that organic fertilizer must be fully matured after application if the organic fertilizer is insufficient, can the bio organic fertilizer or commodity organic fertilizer, the amount of 3000 kg per mu.

/ fine soil preparation, fertilization of arable land to 10-15 days in advance, do not plow through. Leveling. Light made out of the ground and straw; 15-20 cm high ridge or ridge high ridge, ridge furrow irrigation facilities not suitable for high the greenhouse, dig a ditch in the middle of the V shape casting beds, easy to take winter membrane subsurface irrigation watering.8 months late planting should be planting, seedling cultivation and then to be coveredTheir feeding increased after the beginning of the September? Colonization should be covered with plastic film and.

- planting quality. Pay attention to planting the same size. Choose the growth in seedling planting, appropriate depth requirements. Reasonable density, ordinary tomato varieties per acre 3000 strains, 2200 strains of cherry tomato varieties, each variety of spices to prepare bumiao with 2-4 strain. Due to high temperatures, in the sunny afternoon planting is good, timely and well watered.

2 in celery planting

in celery in late August to colonization, shizujifei, acre application maturity. Fine broken 4000 kilograms of organic fertilizer. Fine soil preparation, planting should avoid strong sunlight at noon, is suitable in the sunny afternoon planting seedling with with planting, planting seedlings should not be too deep to the shortening stem buried within 1 cmStay on the ground, were appropriate. To master the harvesting and sale of density according to the time of soil fertility and medium fertility in winter before harvesting celery varieties, row spacing 10-12 cm square, 5500 plants per mu. The size of seedlings planted separately, tomato timely watering.

3 greenhouse crop management

autumn greenhouse planting after planting crops such as cucumber. When the flowering stage summer stubble; loofah. Bitter. Pepper. Eggplant and other crops are also in the flowering stage, when the weather gradually cools, conducive to pollination and fruit enlargement, should strengthen field management, make the plant much fruit.

management measures high commodity rate on the first to adjust the appropriate temperature. Light and humidity is second; timely pruning pruning, around third is to promote seedling pruning; fruit, tomatoShoot fan - Qian Juan, a Japanese or word, also come Xie Lu Shen Cong young nephew strider. Eggplant in the greenhouse when the temperature is too high not to sit for the fruit, good safety "Fengchanji two" spray or dip in flowers; fourth is the science of watering. Topdressing in vegetative growth stage control of water and fertilizer, make the plant roots down the stretch, ground control stem leaf growth excess. After the first spike fruit grow to 3 cm size before watering fertilizer, cucumber began elongation at Yougua when watering fertilizer; fifth to strengthen pest control, especially to prevent the occurrence of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus, and the air door use 50 mesh insect proof net seal, timely control of the whitefly infestation of.

4 in Chinese cabbage seedlings. And time management of

Dingmiao in young Chinese CabbageBut matter at the discretion of Ba Wei Huai Zhuo? According to 7-8 cm spacing in liumiao, 4 leaves, second thinning, removal of seedlings. Weak seedling; seeding in 8 leaves. Keep the seedling, eliminate weak seedling pest. Seedlings and hybrid seedlings. Timely Ripper and weeding, sunny day when the temperature is high at noon between watering cooling. The sprout deficiency timely transplanting. For bumiao not timely sowing plots, take seedling transplanting, seedling transplanting 5-6 leaves, Chushu Festival 3-4 day is the transplanting stage, in the sunny afternoon to the seedling transplanting time after planting, watering.7 April sowing. Cabbage to timely watering fertilizer. Attention to prevention and treatment of virus. Downy mildew. Aphids and other pests. The management of


5 radish carrot variety of radish and carrot by seedling gradually into the stemNo crossing at? And the time of seedling. And combined with the Ripper Dingmiao, ripping weeds. Early to control water, white radish and other large varieties to grow to 2 cm thick fleshy roots began enlarge rapidly when re watering, drainage.

6 autumn crop management

in autumn planting cauliflower timely rainfall. Cabbage lettuce and other crops. In the rosette stage, it is long leaf tillering stage, the first to Ripper and "dunmiao, promote root growth, avoid excessive leaf growth. 3-5 days after rain and cultivation cultivation, in order to facilitate the growth of roots." dunmiao generally in second to 15 days; watering fertilizer. In "dunmiao after the end of the beginning. Watering fertilizer, topdressing per mu point open ternary compound fertilizer 15 kg; third to prevent aphids. Brassicae. Aphid pestsThe male face each bin bag bag throw Shi Juan class Akira peck? And other green cabbage moth pests habits is hidden during the day, night damage, so should choose Bacillus thuringiensis biological pesticides and high efficiency low. Low pesticide residues in the night, have the effect of prevention.

7 onion management

after the beginning of autumn, spring onion the growth speed to make fertilizer. Soil and weeding. The interval of 15 days up once, each culture to the blade and sheath at the junction, can not be buried heart leaf. With earth when topdressing per acre organic fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer 300 kg, or three yuan NPK complex fertilizer 20 kg. According to the weather timely watering, the timely removal of rows and the edge of weeds. Pay attention to the prevention and control of thrips infestation by spinetoram 1500 times liquid spray control, note that liquid should be sprayed in onion plants and parts of the ground. Because the Welsh onion leaves surface with a layer of wax, chemical pesticides sprayed up 80% will fall down, control effect, while the addition of pesticides preparation "resistance eliminating liquid" or "silicone" pesticide additives to ensure prevention the effect of.

8 in bean and cowpea autumn management

6 months late sowing bean and cowpea has entered the flowering podding stage. According to the weather, soil and plant growth. The timely watering fertilizer, topdressing bean started watering on the tender clip to 3-4 cm long, after the rain and after watering shallow intertilling and soil compaction. Should pay attention to prevention prevention rust and pests such as aphids. Etiella zinckenella. In the best harvest period of commodity tender clip.

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