Silicone oil is what? Silicone oil containing shampoo what harm? Excellent source without silicone oil shampoo, five million guarantees no pigment, no silicone oil, is emboldened behind the domineering!
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The problem of

silicone oil shampoo, is an old problem debated. Often focus on the network of friends may have heard before a "boycott of shampoo containing silicon" activities, the effect is the use of shampoo containing silicone oil, although it looks smooth, but closed pores, with more hair hair loss. Made a qualitative difference, but consumers are not informed. Before long, there are some authoritative science websites started the rumor, said shampoo containing silicon is a normal phenomenon, do not hurt the hair.

everybody says seems reasonable, what should listen to?

said "Si" is not good, why add shampoo "Silicon"

90%? This is really shampoo containing silicone oil, silicone oil is a fact.Called two polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) chemical substances, can be attached to the hair, fill the cuticle damage, make the hair surface becomes smoother, which is often mentioned in advertising "repair" function. It can be said that when the feeling is very smooth after you use a shampoo when the hair smooth. That is the basic credit if you are.

silicone oil shampoo manufacturers, you will certainly add "oil" in the mainstream products, the reason for it, good is the kingly way. A product is aimed at mainstream users, rather than niche. Moreover, there is no research report on the true meaning of that harmful PDMS the human body, skin care cosmetics. Also cannot do without it. Cancel "silicone" used in personal care products is almost equal to the technology 50 years ago, no one is willing to do.

shampoo "silicone" potentially harmful?

things we can not say too absolute. Friends boycott silicone does not objective, but science website that the silicone shampoo also ignores the case. Some better hair sister can tell you, some people really do not fit with the silicone oil shampoo.

personal hair sister some people often consult micro shampoo signal, a man said to me, the hair oil. Itch, can not find what reason. I asked him what he said is shampoo, Procter & Gamble. Unilever such large manufacturers, I recommend him to try not to shampoo containing silicone oil (specific name skip). A month later he said excitedly: "too comfortable, do not contain silicone oil after deathSteal beat South,? "There are many examples of the

, so I dare to be sure that someone does not fit with a silicon containing shampoo. This kind of person is oily hair. The hair is coarse. Scalp sensitive, you use such a" repair "shampoo, hair wrapped up in the outside a layer of silicone oil", "hair overwhelmed. Oil secretion blocked, some sensitive scalp itch, you can say well? Some woman said she did not wash clean shampoo, washing the head like wax like sticky, I told them that you can't change shampoo containing silicone oil. Most of the problems are solved, which does not contain silicone shampoo.

shampoo containing silicone oil?

no, now some brand is a lot.It is the concept of speculation, the general quality of shampoo itself, only the name of "no silicone oil" banner to attract people, excellent source of three ginger shampoo, no 5 million cover silicone oil, no pigment!! no silicon promise: behind the domineering emboldened!!

really not shampoo containing silicone oil is colorless and transparent, dare to use transparent oh.

is used in shampoo in the end of silicon containing or not containing silicon, personal feeling is the key. You said again, as I feel exhausted after practice. If you always feel shampoo wash clean. Itchy scalp hair, try a silicone free shampoo, personally after the attempt, perhaps will give you a surprise!

excellent source of shampoo, no silicone oil. No pigment. No mineral oil. No oil surfactant. No animal no genetically modified raw materials.Cause. Natural ingredients, safety and health care products! Core values of


excellent source of three ginger shampoo;

does not contain two polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS silicon oil) so there is no problem of

without clogging the pores of the pigment industry (scalp irritation) let you away from the problem of

natural extraction of three tree itch Jiang Jinghua (ginger, ginger, Jiang Huang) to help you solve all the problems of.

: (anti off the scalp ginger, promoting hair growth) activation of scalp, anti-aging, antioxidant, in addition to smell, to promote hair growth effect of ginger (.

significantly: anti allergy, anti allergy, anti-inflammatory oil), high moisture there is relief and control efficacy of.

Jiang Huang on the sensitivity of the scalp: (natural antibacterial, anti dandruff agent)Antibacterial, Scalp Conditioner for seborrheic dandruff and dry core formula effect.

excellent source suppression of three tree ginger: ginger, ginger flower. Turmeric, belong to the natural plant extract, and water vapor from the plant extract and volatile oil, and water heating reflux extraction, then extraction of concentrated essence, belongs to the activity with the chemical formula, the deployment of technology outside of the completely different. So that once the bottle opening followed by air will produce natural changes, will show the ginger natural amber, which is a natural active formula of the best proof of.

more hair Advisory sweeping beneath the two-dimensional code

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