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Part 2 & 3

new characters: the one that makes you laugh

Describe a person/something that made you laugh

You should say:

When this happened

Where this happened

Who were there

And explain why you laughed

part 3

How would you definite happiness

Do Chinese people like to? Watch comedy?

Who is the most popular comedian in China

What do you do when? You feel unhappy

Why do children tend to?Be happier than adults?

new title: want to know more about the

Describe a person who you have met before and you want to know more about

You should say:

Who this person is

when and where you met

what you did talked about

and explain why you would like to know more about this person.


How do Chinese people make friends

Who is more important to? You, friends or family

Do you like to be? Friends with someone who is dIfferent from you

Do you have any foreign? Friends?

Why is it easier to make friends on the Internet than in reality?

new title: Creative inventor

Describe a creative inventor or musician

You should say:

Who this person is

What this person does

how you knew this person

and explain why you think this person is creative


What creative activities did you like to do when you were young

Why do PEO?Ple like to copy others'ideas these days

What's the best way to cultivate? Children's creativity?

Do you think creativity can be learned

Why does art help to? Nurture creativity?

Describe a famous new person in: Celebrity your country

Who this person is

How you know this person

What this person is famous for

And explain why you like this person

part 3

In general, how do people become famous

W?Hat kinds of people become famous

Do you think. to be? Famous, a person needs to have some special talent (or ability)

What are some general qualities of? Famous people? Do they have any qualities that are different from ordinary people

Compare how people become celebrities? Today with how people became celebrities years ago, for example 30, or 50 years ago.

Can you give me some examples of celebrities in your grandfather's time (i.e., about 50 years ago


Compare what kinds of people were famous in China in the past (e.g when your grandfather was? Young to kinds of people) the who are famous today.

In your opinion, were the standards for judging who is famous before better than they are now?

new title: respected

Describe a person that you admire (the memories less, to be confirmed)

You should say:

Who this person is

How you knew this person

What you like to do together

Why you admire tHis person


what kinds of people can become role models

What should schools teach to? Help students become better citizens

What can we learn from? Old people?

What can parents do to give children correct guidance?

new title: important to you the effects of human

Describe someone who has a great influence on you

You should say:

Who this person is

How you knew this person

What influence this person has on you

AndHow you think of the influence


What social values should parents teach children

Many children misbehave at school? What are the reasons

Do you think mass media? Have a great impact on the young generation

Why is it hard for adults? To change?

How to help young people to develop good habits

Describe a character? Or personality personal qualities of yours

You should say:

What it is

How it affects yourLife

Where you get it from

and how you feel about it

part 3

What kinds of characters are popular in the modern society

What qualities should a good? Teacher have?

Do you think parents'characters can affect young people's development

Would you like to develop? A specific personality in the future

Describe a leader you? Admire

You should leader say:

who this person is

how you know this person

what skills he or she has for leadership,

and explain why you think he or she is a good leader.


In your culture, what kinds of people can be leaders

Has there been a change? In the charactenstics that leaders should have

Many women are earning more? Money now, does it mean that they can be leaders time?

Describe a person that you like to spend time with

You should say:

Who this person

How do you know this person

What you like to do together

and explain why you like to spend time with this person

part 3

How do you usually spend your spare time

Why do some young people? Dislike living with old people

What do you usually do? When you hang out with your friends

Do you like to spend? Time on your own or with your family/friends?

Describe a creative creative people person that you admire

You ShouLD say:

Who this person

How do you know this person

What creative things this person likes to do

And explain why you admire this person


What can schools do to nurture children's creativity

Why do some people to? Copy each other's ideas these days

Do you think art can? Make a person more creative

Do you think you were? More creative when you were young

What's the most creative thing? That you have everDone or made

? A person

Describe live who once moved to live with you.

You should say:

When and where this person moved in

How you know this person

How you got along with this person

And how you feel about living with this person


Do you like to live with people about your age or older than you

What would you do if? Your neighbor are noisy all the time

What are the advantages of living?With old people

Should young adults live on? Their own?

Describe Title: new things a tall building in your building hometown you like or dislike

You should say it is

What it is:

Where used for

What it looks like

And explain why you like or dislike it


How do people in China feel about old buildings

Do old people and young? People in China have the same attitudes towards old buildings

I?S it important to preserve old buildings? (Why?)

What aspect of culture do old buildings reflect

How do old buildings affect? The appearance of a place (Hint: Well designed and? Well maintained old buildings are visually attractive and add a touch of elegance to a location.

What can people get) benefits from old buildings

Would? You say buildings in the past were better than those of today, or those of today are better than those in the past

Do you t?Hink it's worth the money to preserve old buildings

How have buildings changed in? The past few years

What has been the biggest? Change in your hometown in recent years?

: the new movie

Describe your favorite love movie

You should say and where you saw:

when it

what type of film it was

what the film was about

and explain why it is your favourite film


Do you think (watching) films have (has) anyEducational benefits

In what ways are documentary? Films and films only for entertainment different

Why do you think documentary? Films are not so popular

How are movies and real? Life different?

Do men and women like to watch the same kinds of films

Do different age groups like? The same kinds of films

Do you like any particular? Film star? Why?


Describe a piece Title: household equipment of equipment in your home

You shouldSay:

what it is

how often you use it

who you usually use it with

and explain why this item is important to you.


Have (the item you chose to talk about changed much over) the years

Do you think? That (the item you chose to talk about are important (to) society? How?

Do) you think everyone needs to know how to use the item you chose to talk about

What kinds of electrical appliances? Are most used in the home, beSides the telephone and computer

What are some examples of? Electronic or electrical equipment that are used for communication?

new title:

Describe a gift for someone gift that you recently gave to others

You should say:

When it happened

Who you gave it to

What gift you gave to the person

And explain why you gave this gift to others


In (China, when on what occasions do people give gifts to) Others

Wha?T sorts of things do they give

Do people today still give? The same kinds of gifts that people used to give many years ago

Why do people like to? Receive gifts?

What are some of the possible different reasons why give gifts to other people

Do you think it's suitable? To give money as a gift

Do? You think it's a good idea for people who are doing business with each other to exchange gifts

Why do some people not? Give gifts to others very ofTen?

new title: wild animal

Describe a wild animal

You should say it looks like

Where you:

What can see it

What it likes to eator do

Why you like it


DO you think animals have feelings and rights (/Why? Why? Not?

Some) people breed animals such as dogs for money. How do you feel about that

Do you? Think there should be laws to protect the welfare of pets and farm (For example animals?,Laws against cruel treatment.) Why /Why

Are there? Not? Any wild animals in China that are not found in any other country

Are there any animal reserves? In China where wild animals can live in protection

How do Chinese people feel? About the protection of wild animals

What do you think are? Some of the benefits to humans from protecting wild animals

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