Application of silica in coatings
PostTime:2021-02-23 11:00:36
In light-curing coatings, nano-silica is filled into UV-curing coatings to significantly increase the hardness and heat resistance of the cured coatings. At the same time, it can improve the curing speed, hardness, adhesion and thermal stability of the UV-curable coating film.
In architectural coatings, silica can effectively reduce the color difference of the coating caused by ultraviolet and infrared light irradiation, and improve the aging resistance of exterior wall coatings. It can also significantly enhance the hardness, adhesion, and weather resistance of the coating, increase the viscosity and anti-settling ability of the coating, and enhance the stability of the coating.
In the inkjet printing paper coating, adding nano-silica to the pigment can produce a good-performance digital color inkjet printing paper special coating, which not only can make the coating load moderate, but also can effectively solve the problem of formaldehyde. The printing effect is good, the materials are easily available, and it can be said to be economical and practical.
In addition, adding silica to plastic and metal coatings can significantly improve the performance of the material.
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