Methylphenyl silicone resin IOTA WJ-1

Methylphenyl silicone resin IOTA WJ-1


Methylphenyl silicone resin IOTA WJ-1


milk-white light alowed, no mechanical impurities, light yellow to reddish brown transparent liquid.

Solid content  %


Viscosity  s/T-4,25


Drying time


Heat tolerance

300h/200  0.5h/300

Features and Main application

2K, room temperature curing, room temperature dying, suitable for large equipments used in high temperature.

Usage : 

1. According to the construction process, can be specified by adding diluent conditioning solid content and Viscosity. to control the thickness of the coating, usually adjusted for spraying viscosity 15-25 seconds; diluent should not contain water, sulfur and other impurities. The coating adhesive force will be affected, so was stem and other properties.
2. When in use, it should be avoided with acid and alkali, organic acids and amines contact, otherwise it will accelerate ageing, affect the performance of the product.
3. At work, according to the resin NO and the use of different requirements and then confirm dying condition, for high temperature dying type, it should be solvent dying to volatile at a lower temperature (120 or 160 ° C). Finally curing at 220 ℃.
4. Resin has excellent compatibility with heat resistant pigments (aluminum, glass bead, low-density ceramic powder. Black chromium oxide and iron oxide powder, etc.), the coating should be dipping, spraying, brush and other construction methods, curing the coating can be used in 250-400 ℃. Some may be resistant 500-600 ° C, even higher temperatures.
5. Application examples of reference:
(1) fire-resistant insulation coating formula :

silicone resin

Higher chlorinated polyethylene

epoxy resinF-644

Polyamide resin











All material will be transferred into a paste, and then grinding with sand mill 20 ~ 30min after the addition of solvent dispersion, and then filter.
(2) fire-resistant aluminum section formula :

60% Methylphenyl silicone resin

65%Aluminum Paste







Put aluminum paste into a container, add a small amount of resin, stir slowly, add disperser and residual resin, added xylene to construction of viscosity after fully stirred, with 120 mesh silk filter then finish.

Safety Note :
1. Resin contains flammable, explosive and toxic solvents, In the process of use and processing, should pay attention to the site operation ventilation, to prevent fire, strengthening the protection of workers.
2. During transportation and storage, prevent sunlight, fire and heat protection, pay attention to warehouse ventilation.
3. Packed with galvanized iron sheet barrel, storage period is generally 6 months, if pass storage period, please test it strictly and then use. Avoid heat, otherwise it will reduce the storage stability.

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