Methyl silicone resin

Methyl silicone resin


Methyl silicone resin

1. Typical Technical Specifications:

Items                                                  Specifications
Appearance                                     Colorless or light yellow translucent liquid, no mechanical impurities
Solid content(105℃,3h),%      50±1
Viscosity(CST,25℃,S)               10~15
Gelatinized time 200℃                    10-30 minutes

2. Performance

This resin has a highly crosslinked structure. It has high hardness and easy to combine with inorganic after curing . The resin has great heat resistance. combined with the sructure of Si-O bond and Si-C bond, it has a strong adhesion at high temperature.
3. Application
It can be used as the adhesive to suppress the mica sheet and handle the  Refractories.

For other electronics industries, It  becomes to cured film at 110-130 ℃ when suitable curing agents added into, the film is transparent and the adhesion can be increased.
4. Usages

It can be formulated with a certain proportion low phenyl methyl silicone resin, with curing agent such as organic lead , organic ammonium, organic tin, etc. It cures after 30 minutes in 110-130 ℃. When the crosslinking agent is added, it is possible to be the cured film at room temperature.
5. Packaging and storage
This product is pacckaged by iron or plastic drums.
Products should be stored in dry, cool and well ventilated places, to prevent it from direct sunlight, rain, cutting off fire source or heat. In this condition, the shelf life is 6 months.

For the transportation, prevent it from sunlight, rain, upside down, and open flame . It should be transported according to the flammable goods .

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