Silicone sol IOTA 601

Silicone sol is the dispersion of silica particles in nano scale in water or solvent.


Silicone sol IOTA 601

Basic information: 
ilicone sol is the dispersion of silica particles in nano scale in water or solvent. As the SiO2 in silicone sol containing a large amount of water and hydroxyl groups, it may also be expressed as SiO2.nH2O. There are different ways to produce silicone sol. The most commonly used method is ion exchange, silica fume hydrolysis step & silane hydrolysis.


Silicone sol is a colloidal solution, odorless, non-toxic, formula can be expressed as mSiO2nH2O.

1. As the fine colloidal particles (10 - 20nm), there is a large surface area, particle itself is colorless and transparent, it does not affect the character to be covered.

2. Silicone sol is a colloidal solution of low viscosity, with great dispersion, can be fully immersed in filling the solids, particularly porous materials, and make the surface smooth.

3. Silicone sol has good adhesion, adding some of the fibers or particulate material in the silica sol, dried and cured to a hard gel structure may be, it will have a greater adhesion.

4, silica sol has good hydrophilic and oil repellency, can be diluted with distilled water to any concentration and with increasing dilution, stability enhancement; but it will generate hydrophobicity after adding organic matter or more metal ions.

1. For a variety of refractory binder, with strong bonding, high temperature resistance(1500-1600 ° C), and so on.

2. Used in the coatings industry, make the paint being strong, also anti-dust and dirt, anti-aging, fire and other functions.

3. For shell casting, could let the shell more strength and with good casting finish. The shape quality is better than water glass shape, to reduce costs and improve modeling operating conditions instead of ethyl silicate.

4. The silicone sol has a higher specific surface area, it can be used for catalyst and catalyst carrier.

5. For the paper industry, can be used as anti-adhesive cellophane, photographic paper pre-treatment agent, cement bags slip proofing agent.

6. used as sizing agents for the textile industry, it can process wool, rabbit fur to be be spun with oil, reduce breakage and prevent fly, to increase yield and economic efficiency.

7. used as a silicon steel processing agent, dispersant tube, floor wax, anti-slide and so on.

Transportation and storage:

200kg drums, should avoid contact with other substances, stored in a cool dry place, non-dangerous goods transport. 

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