Fluoro-silicone grease IOTA FT451

Fluoro-silicone grease IOTA FT451

Fluoro-silicone grease IOTA FT451

Produce name: Fluoro-silicone grease

Item: IOTA FT451

Structure or component: Fluoro silicone PTFE packing


Low friction coefficient; High chemical inertness, High and low temperature resistance, aging resistance; Non-toxic, physiological inertia. Excellent lubrication performance special; Excellent electrical insulation properties; a longer period of use; Especially suitable for lubrication, insulation, sealing, isolation.

Physical and chemical data and indicators

Appearance:   White uniform paste

Worked Cone Penetration(25) mm/10:   220 250

Evaporation loss(120,22h),% (m/m):    0.3

Temperature range :  -30+230


This product is the grease used the fluorosilicone polymer as main raw material with advantages of safe and non-toxic, good thixotropy, not easy flow, and it has excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion-resistant, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and resistance to the performance of various types of chemicals. Temperature range -30 -230 .

It can be widely used in various valves, cocks, bearing lubrication and sealing, especially applicable to the use of highly corrosion and chemical media valves and seals.


The product packaging specifications for 1Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg plastic drum or as per customer requirement


According to the transport of non-dangerous goods, cool and dry sealed storage, shelf life of 12 months.


The product belongs to non-dangerous goods.

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