Fluorinated alkyl polysiloxane IOTA 2600

Fluorinated alkyl polysiloxane IOTA 2600


Fluorinated alkyl polysiloxane IOTA 2600

IOTA 2600

Chemical components:

Fluorinated alkyl polysiloxane

Typical physical and chemical data:

Appearance                     transparency liquid

effective constituent %    100

Recommended dosage:

0.05 to 1% based on the total formulation

Adding method:

Can be added at any stage in the production process.


Solvent-based systems       

Solvent-free systems           

Water-based  systems        

Features and Benefits:

Smooth, hydrophobic, matte, expanding oil and uvioresistant. High-end cosmetics additive. 

Packaging and storage:

Packaging specification is a 25Kg plastic drum, or according to user requirements. Cool, dry and sealed.

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