Fluorosilicone emulsion IOTA 2605

Fluorosilicone emulsion IOTA 2605

Fluorosilicone emulsion IOTA 2605

Item: IOTA 2605

Chemical components

Fluorine-modified silicone polymer emulsion

Typical physical and chemical data

Appearance                Delicate white emulsion

pH value                        7±0.5

effective constituent   22±2%

ionic type                     Cationic

Features and Uses

IOTA 2605 is a novel fluorine-containing silicone polymer O / W emulsion with excellent exhibition of film, feel moist, smooth and shiny, excellent water stain, compatibility and dispersion, excellent stability .

Fabrics, non-woven fabrics (especially cotton, cotton blends) soft and smooth finishing. used in conjunction with amino silicone softener or silicon softener, or as an additive smoothing agent to improve the smoothing agent quality. Feel fullness smooth dry leather and fur products handle brightener and supplies of smooth, burnish, polishing additives, high-grade water-based release agent.

Packaging and storage

Packaging specification is a 50Kg plastic drum, or according to user requirements. Cool, dry and sealed. Avoid heat and frost, shelf life of six months. Belongs to non-dangerous goods.

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