Wig polishes IOTA 2612

Wig polishes IOTA 2612

Wig polishes IOTA 2612

Item: IOTA 2612 

Product name: Wig polishes

Structure or component

Special modified silicone emulsions 


Wig products processed with this product is, bright color, soft, delicate, smooth, distinctive style.

Immersion treatment fluid Reference concentration: 2 ~ 5%.

Physical and chemical data and indicators

Appearance      Delicate white emulsion

pH value              7±0.5

Solid content      20±2%      

Ionic type           cationic


Wig processing, light, soft and smooth


The product packaging specification is a 50Kg plastic drum or according to user requirements.

Storage and transportation

5 ~ 40 sealed storage, transportation, storage should avoid heat and freezing, the shelf life of six months.


The product belongs to non-flammable non-dangerous goods.

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