Detergent softener IOTA 1007-80

Detergent softener IOTA 1007-80

Detergent softener IOTA 1007-80

Item: IOTA 1007-80

Chemical components

Amino-modified polydimethylsiloxane oil pre-emulsion of high concentration.

Typical physical and chemical data

Appearance : Transparent to translucent high viscous liquid

Active ingredients : 80%

PH value : 8 ± 0. 5

Ionic type : Weak cation/non-ionic

Properties and Applications

Directly diluted and stirred with cold water, being great amino silicone microemulsion softener. Stable micro emulsion is exquisite with blue light, compounded with cation or non-ionic tablet softener and hydroxyl emulsion smoothing agent, can also be used alone.

For cotton, linen, wool, silk, spun silk, chemical fiber and blended fabrics and garments last phase finishing. Fabric treated by this product can be bright color, bright, soft waxy feel smooth, fluffy and special soft.

Packaging and storage

Packaging specification is 50Kg plastic drum, or according to user requirements. Cool, dry and sealed. Avoid heat and frost, shelf life of six months. The product belongs to non-dangerous goods.
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