Octaphenyl cyclotetrasiloxane IOTA-AKT

It is high temperature resistant, excellent lubrication performance, high temperature resistant up to 360 degrees It can work in 300℃ and 24 hours as a release agent in chemical fiber plant of synthetic fiber spinneret and spinning plates clean plate. Silicone oil or phenyl silicone oil can’t meet this requirement. This product can also be used as high temperature heat conduction oil.

Octaphenyl cyclotetrasiloxane IOTA-AKT

Formula: C48H40O4Si4

The chemical structure of the formula: [(C6H5) 2SiO] 4

Molecular Weight: 793.18

Physical and chemical properties:

1. Appearance: white powder crystals

2. Purity (%): ≥99.0

3. Melting point: 203-205 ° C

4. Boiling point: 334 ° C

5. Flash Point: 200 ° C

6. Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in common chemical solvents

Product Application:

For the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, silicone intermediates is particularly suitable for the synthesis of high-temperature phenyl silicone oil and other polymer compound

Packing & Storage:

1. Shall be stored in a dry, cool place, stored at room temperature, to avoid acid, alkali, water and other contacts;

2.25kg cardboard drum;

3.Octaphenyl cyclotetrasiloxaneh is a general chemical, non-toxic, non-flammable non-explosive, can be trains, ships, cars and other transportation vehicles.


1. This product is a chemically inert material, and shall not be mixed in the storage and transportation process impurities (in particular catalyst), in use or compatibility, should pay attention to other materials could lead to the chemical reaction, prevent degeneration.

2. Product shall be ventilated conditions, wear the necessary safety protection, to avoid the construction process large number of human inhalation, prohibit the consumption;

3. Be careful using this product, please note items before use and when to use. Furthermore, it should follow the safety regulations of the State or local government regulations.

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