Methylphenyl silicone resin IOTA-B202

Methylphenyl silicone resin IOTA-B202


Methylphenyl silicone resin IOTA-B202

Appearance: White turbid liquid 

nonvolatile matter content: 50 %

Solvent: Isobutanol/ xylene 1:3

Chargeability: nonionic

PH value: 6

Aquosity: 38%

Applicability: water、colored paint、paint


-Application on heat resistance: Vehicle exhaust pipe, oven, chimney, internal parts of oven, grill, electrical or pneumatic heater

Dilution: dilute by water

Roasted condition:

-250 °C/45 minutes

-The coating has a temporary corrosion protection after air-seasoning, could be pack and transfer without roast. It will not have protection effectiveness if the painted products do not reach the solidification temperature. 

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