IOTA ST4 high temp. resistant water-based nano ceramics coating

IOTA ST4 high temp. resistant water-based nano ceramics coating


Product name: high temp. resistant water-based nano ceramics coating

Coating: Surface coating


1.    The product is water-based coating, it’s eco-friendly and no harmful to operators when applying.

2.   According to special technology and formulation, the coating hardness is up to 9H, it has acid and alkali resistance, the cured coating is resistant to abrasion, scratches and graffiti, it’s also anti-dust, oil, and dirty.

3.   The product is resistant to temp. 900°C, it could be used as wooden material fireproof coating.

Technical index

Appearance: colorless to transparent liquid

Solid content: 35%

Coating thickness(wet film): 10-100 um

Coating thickness(dry film): 1-50 um

Hardness(Chinese pencil): 9H

Adhesion: Grade 0

Room temp. curing time: 30min surface drying, totally cured after 7 days

High temp. curing time: 150°C, 10min surface drying, the hardness will be 5-8H; totally cured after 3hours, the hardness up to 9H.


Metal, glass, ceramics, wood furniture finish

How to use?

1.    Clean the surface of the material, sanding, remove the oil, to keep the surface dry and smooth.

2.    IOTA ST4 is water-based, without any solvent like alcohol and ester.

The recommended coating method is brushing, showering, spinning and rolling.


1.  The best performance can be achieved when the coating thickness (dry film) is less than 10um.

2.  the opened products should be kept sealed enough.

Package and transportation

1.  Packed with 25kg plastic drum or 200kg iron drum.

2.  Condition: packed in clean and dry container, sealed and kept in cool and dry place in 5-35°C。

3.  Transported as non-dangerous goods.

4.  Shelf lift: 12months.

Brand: IOTA
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