Transparent super hydrophobic nano coating ST5

Transparent super hydrophobic nano coating ST5


Product name: Transparent super hydrophobic nano coating ST5

Brand: IOTA

Ingredients: Super-hydrophobic Nano factor, surfactant, deionized water

Main performance: super-hydrophobic, Water-slip

Shelf Life: 3 years

Product features

This product is a super hydrophobic nano coating, based on the development of nano super hydrophobic materials, it can form a layer on the surface of glass, metal, ceramic and other materials. It has excellent hydrophobic and water-slip performance, rolling Angle is less than 10°, drop of non-stick, has excellent and long-lasting super hydrophobic function. It’s environmental protection and convenient for applying.


It is suitable for automobile rearview mirror, automobile glass, metal, ceramic and other surfaces.


1.    Clean glass, metal and other surfaces thoroughly before use, then dry.

2.    Spraying the product on the surface of glass and metal, wiped evenly with a dust-free cloth or clean paper. After a few seconds, clean the surface with dust-free cloth or paper.

3.    Heat for 3 minutes at high temperature (160℃), or heat for 1-2 hours at  60-100℃.


1. The surfaced after treated should not be rubbed with sandpaper, avoiding being contaminated with oil.

2. If the surface coating is damaged and the super-hydrophobic effect is lost, it can be treated again and recovered.

3. It is strictly prohibited to swallow. If it gets into eyes accidentally, please flush with clean water for 15 minutes immediately.

4. Keep away from children.

5. Keep away from high temperature, fire, avoiding direct sunlight, do not pierce or burn the package.

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