Water-based Silicone resin IOTA 6175S

Water-based Silicone resin IOTA 6175S


Water-based Silicone resin IOTA 6175S


This product has excellent high and low temperature resistance. It also has excellent weather resistance and chemical stability. After the product is fully cured, it has high hardness, high gloss, good fullness, and good high temperature resistance to yellowing.

IOTA 6175S can be widely used in high temperature resistant coatings, temperature resistant non-stick coatings for kitchen appliances and base resin for special coatings.

This product is recommended for baking paint, this product can be dry at room temperature.

Technical Index

Appearance: pale yellow to yellow transparent liquid, allowing opalescent light

Solid content %: 45±1

Acid value mgKOH/g: 15~25

Viscosity (coating 4 cups): 20~60s

How to use?

First add 20% water of resin amount, then add 4~6% of resin amount of ammonia (30%) to neutralize and add 5~10% of water.

It can also be directly diluted with 30% water.


This product can be surface dried at room temp., will get better performance with high temperature curing, the best heating temperature is 150~250℃; the recommended heating temperature and time: 30~40 minutes at 200℃, 20~25 minutes at 250℃; it is recommended to use water-based additives.

This product can add water up to 30% of the total resin.

This product can be used as aluminum powder paint and solid color paint when it is neutralized with ammonia water to 7~8PH value. This product can also be neutralized without adding ammonia.


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