Phenyl Silicone oil

Miscibility with dimethyl siloxane, liquid silicone rubber, phenyl silicone rubber and phenyl resin, it’s used as crosslinker of liquid silicone rubber, phenyl silicone rubber and phenyl resin.
Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil IOTA 255 is colorless transparent liquid. Compared with Dimethyl silicone oil, it has better performance in high and low temperatures (-70 ~ 300°C ), and better properties of lubricity, mold unloading and electrical insulation. It is small in temperature viscosity coefficient and volatility. Compression rate and the surface tension is high. It is well in miscibility with other organic resin. The UV-resistant properties is unique.
Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil IOTA 250-30 (equivalent Brand: DC 510, Shin-Etsu KF-50)
Phenyl methyl silicone oil (phenyl modified poly-siloxane) has excellent compatibility which can improve the performance of a variety of cosmetic formulations and has refractive index. It provides non-oily, easy to spread emolliency and allows natural skin transpiration through a soft invisible film. Cosmetic grade fluid can apply sunscreen, makeup, skin care, hair care.
Vaccum Diffusion Pump Oil IOTA 702 (equivalent Brand: Diffusion Pump Oil Dow Corning 702)
Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil IOTA 704 (Equivalent with other brand 704)
Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil IOTA 705(Equivalent with other Brand 705)
It is high temperature resistant, excellent lubrication performance, high temperature resistant up to 360 degrees It can work in 300℃ and 24 hours as a release agent in chemical fiber plant of synthetic fiber spinneret and spinning plates clean plate. Silicone oil or phenyl silicone oil can’t meet this requirement. This product can also be used as high temperature heat conduction oil.
Divinyl terminated menthyl phenyl siloxane is Vinyl-terminated linear phenyl methyl silicone oil. It can be used as the thinner of vinyl component of molding phenyl siloxane rubber and vinyl phenyl silicone resin.
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