Use technology to survive peak summer electricity consumption
PostTime:2023-08-17 11:32:17
Summer is the peak season for electricity consumption. The extensive use of electrical appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and electric fans has undoubtedly made people's lives more dependent on electricity. The ensuing pressure on power supply and rising power costs, and in this case, solar energy as a clean and renewable energy will become more and more important.

To maximize the performance of solar photovoltaic cells, one of the keys lies in its packaging material - photovoltaic glue. It is used for bonding and encapsulation between solar cells and glass, backplane and other components to protect solar cells from the external environment. Its light transmittance, insulation, adhesion, UV resistance and other properties directly affect the service efficiency and life of solar photovoltaic cells.

IOTA's IOTA-1146 is a bisaminosilane oligomer with excellent bonding performance and high wet state retention. In addition to improving the adhesion between photovoltaic adhesives, cells and glass, IOTA-1146 also increases the cross-linking density of the colloid and improves the anti-ultraviolet aging performance of photovoltaic adhesives. It can also maintain the cohesive force of the colloid in an environment with high humidity and prevent short circuit or corrosion caused by moisture erosion, thereby improving the performance and life of the solar photovoltaic cell.

In addition to being used in EVA and POE photovoltaic adhesives, IOTA-1146 can also be used in adhesives, sealants, coatings and other industries.
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