Classification and structure of MQ silicone resin
PostTime:2023-08-17 11:40:17

MQ silicone resin has many different types due to the different organic groups R on the spherical shell:
When R is all methyl, it is called methyl MQ silicone resin or MQ silicone resin for short;
When part R is vinyl, it is called methyl vinyl MQ silicone resin;
When part R is H, it is called methyl hydrogen-containing MQ silicone resin;
There are also methylphenyl MQ silicone resin, vinyl MQ silicone resin, phenyl MQ silicone resin, fluorine-containing MQ silicone resin, MDQ, MTQ silicone resin, etc.


R3SiO1/2) m (SiO4/2) n
R is an organic group such as methyl, vinyl, hydrogen, phenyl, etc.
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