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    non silicone shampoo can be said that the current domestic shampoo market is the most popular product, if you haven't heard, you out. Snail snail shampoo listed so far, sales have been ranked in the forefront, many consumers are directed not containing silicone oil and a friend used the good effect and the formation of the word of mouth, the baby is one of them. Usually buy shampoo with a hair pomade. Days later, began to dandruff head itch, I afraid!

what is non silicone shampoo?
is simple, do not contain silicone oil, such as poly two methyl siloxane poly two methyl siloxane. Alcohol at the amino terminal two polydimethylsiloxane, products can be called non silicone shampoo.

why there is no silicone shampoo?
silicone free shampoo first appeared inThe actinium breakwater tanning pepper hair fine? Because Westerners, without the use of high performance silicone conditioning shampoo, otherwise they will be deposited in the hair, causing hair hair hair completely collapsed, no amount of.

but in our Eastern countries, because the hair is generally more robust, thus requiring more high-profile rational shampoo. So long, China's shampoo market are silicone oil products occupy.
this pattern of change from a Japanese company called Reveur small company, first introduced a non silicone shampoo products, due to silicone oil in the mouth has been consumer has a poor reputation, such as off clogging pores. Therefore, hair and even cancer, the non silicone Shampoo market, is very popular with consumers, the brand is rapidly expand, become the most famous brand of shampoo in Japan, which makes many traditionalShampoo company stunned, so many large companies have begun to launch their products without silicone oil, now no silicone oil shampoo products have occupied a considerable market share in Japan when the Japanese.

market silicone free shampoo more and more fire, there is no reason not to follow the trend of the domestic, in the beginning, many people through purchasing way from imported silicone free shampoo products, later, many domestic manufacturers have launched a silicone free shampoo, hair shampoo not only Chinese medicine oxygen hall is the addition of silicone oil, Polygonum multiflorum. Ginseng. Ganoderma. Ginkgo biloba. Black sesame. Mulberry. Grass lotus. 18 traditional Chinese ink etc.salidroside brewed, natural nourishing the scalp shampoo products, maintenance and development; the scalp to remove chemical residues and grease, dredge the hair follicle, balance pH value, nourish the scalp anti-aging digestion; scalp itching, dandruff and long-term use.To live outside, raising the hair. Hair follicle..

roots deepen not long ago, a MM online launched a buy a lesson for [8000!! I also resist the deposition of silicone oil, healthy hair!] post, she said in the post, because a little and let the hair conditioner do your own hair to spend 8000 dollars all for naught. Why? Because she is used in hair conditioner containing a silicone oil chemical additives called.

MM who broke the news in the post described, when her hair before because no clean, be stylist electric splint after treatment a chemical reaction occurs, a lot of white powder, see this situation himself scared half to death, then check the Internet to know, because the conditioner in the work is said to make long-term silicone oil!A bad investment, not Lu Yun vendor Song Fei "brake suddenly torn because nano? Materials such as silicone oil properties are not soluble in water, long residual thin film is formed on the hair, causing hair thick, and gradually lose their elasticity, more let the following nutrition can not enter, long-term exposure to the scalp, scalp caused by oxygen deficiency, make hair follicles gradually atrophy, resulting in itching, hair loss and even.

back to the point, no pure silicone oil in many benefits, but if you need to use silicone free shampoo?

on the effect of silicone oil in shampoo and safety, I am here to say no more, see my previous article, you will learn more. A brief summary it is generally the silicone oil in the cosmetics industry is relatively safe, it is good for the hair, dry hair with smooth glossy.
. We will focus on is that you haveThere is no need to use a silicone free shampoo?
recall, you use some shampoo, feel more and more difficult to use, specifically in the wash after a few hair feel very oil, stick together. Well, if you have a case, and for various brands of shampoo can not solve this problem then, you really can consider a silicone free shampoo. Following from the actual test to explain the use of some comparative.

evaluation projects no silicone oil shampoo:
1. foam - at a certain temperature, the diluted sample directly with a glass rod stirring for 3 minutes (simulated rubbing shampoo), foaming and foam velocity observation fine.
2. hair weight will be used to clean the hair shampoo into the water to see if the water, sink to the bottom, indicating no hair weightResidue washed clean hair -- hair.
3. abundance is divided into two parts, one part with a silicone oil shampoo shampoo, the other part with no silicone oil shampoo shampoo, wash after dry naturally. Tie up after the amount of beam width, beam width, the abundance of better.
4. hair fluffy gloss -- on the shooting of human hair using a beam in the situation before and after the observation of hair, fluffy gloss.
5. reality will be used to measure the trial -- series of hair dry naturally, close-up shots,.

observed luster foaming foaming hair surface is an important sign of identification of shampoo is good or bad, generally good foaming shampoo is very good with a little, add some water can have a lot of bubbles. And the specific circumstances of foam will directly toA hammer, Nan Chun's speech? Dense bubble can help clean hair, heal edgy and play the effect of.
evaluation method to repair: at a certain temperature, the diluted sample directly with a glass rod stirring for 3 minutes (simulated rubbing shampoo), and.
[evaluation score observation and foaming rate bubble and summary] (out of 5)
1. (5)
series of silicone oil without foaming silicone oil series is ideal, foaming speed, bubble rich cotton, bubble pore structure is small, feels very flexible, feel good, that delicate cotton foam can penetrate every solid a hair, easy to be able to deep clean hair.
2. silicone series (4.5)
series of silicone oil foaming good speed, break out of the bubble is rich, but the density of the foam is not enough

TEST 2: hair delicate enough weight
for a direct contact with the scalp shampoo, if there is residual, or wash clean hair, make hair more and more bad, let's look at the two paragraph after shampoo hair weight evaluation method:.
. How to use shampoo to clean the hair into the water to see if the water, sink to the bottom, the hair light weight that no residue after washing hair more fluffy and.

[evaluation score and summary] (out of 5)
1. (5)
series of silicone oil can be seen from the graph, no silicone shampoo cleaning after the hair has been floating in the water, the hair is very light, do not wash after the residue. After cleaning after the hair more fluffy light.
2. silicone series (3)
after silicone oil shampoo to wash hair, in 2 seconds after sinking into the water, that wash after a slight residue, will make the hair more sticky heat.

TEST 3: hair
abundance weather every day, hair because of the sweat and oil become full of sticky dirt. A good shampoo can not only clean the scalp, can make hair more abundant and fluffy, let more sense of style hair, let us look at the non silicone oil and silicone oil shampoo after use, which make the hair more abundance..
evaluation methods: the hair is divided into two parts, one part with silicone oil shampoo shampoo, another with no silicone oil Shampoo shampoo, wash after dry naturally. Tie up after the amount of beam width, beam width, hair abundance better.

[summary] with the evaluation score (out of 5)
1. (5)
series of silicone oil silicone free shampoo series after cleaning, fluffy hair. The hair is more abundant, sense of style, 5CM beam width, this test has good performance of.
2. silicone series (4.5)
series of silicone oil shampoo cleaning after comparison of hair down, but the beam width is only 3CM,.

hair frizz hair fluffy gloss is insufficient due to the lack of abundance, dry fly, hair is not dull luster. A good conditioner can improve the gloss, restore the natural luster of hair, fluffy hair can maintain the.
evaluation methods shooting: human hair beam before and after the use of conditioner for a period of time, compared with.

[summary] (evaluation scoreOut of 5 points)
1. silicone free series (4.5 points) as shown in figure
, before the use of hair severely damaged, rough, dry, inelastic dull; and no silicone oil shampoo will make hair more plump, fluffy, but slightly dry, but with the use of non silicone series conditioner after the hair, the impulsive feeling greatly improved, but also the relatively moist hair restore state, become more rich, more comfortable and soft touch, full of sense of style, insist to use can help to restore the health of.
2. silicone series (4)
with silicone oil products, because the hair dry, hair becomes rough messy hair color is dim and dark. After use, natural light can see the hair on the natural luster, fluffy is very good, but there are still a few Zamao Feiqi.

TEST 5: realityWith complex real strength Wen detection XLBRS hair care composition, live a full set of trial is the most persuasive, let us look at it without silicone oil and silicone oil is a traditional product, see who can let the experienced perm injury to keep hair silky?
evaluation methods: before and after the trial of two sets of human hair. The products of.

were compared and summarized evaluation score [] (out of 5)

1. silicone free series (5 points)
original hair dry edgy, no vitality, after the use of non silicone series, hair becomes vitality luster, and restore natural crimp state, good gloss, easy care, frizzy hair can be effectively improved with silicone oil.
2. series (4 points)
reality after use, the damaged hair smoothness is improved obviously, the originalWhen the knot frizz hair become dry and moist, but the situation seems to be more serious, gloss is also inadequate, the use of real experience of general.

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