What is compound rubber?
PostTime:2022-11-18 15:51:16
Mixed silicone rubber is based on methyl or vinyl group-containing linear high-polymer polyorganosiloxane (commonly known as raw rubber), with reinforcing fillers, extender fillers and additives that impart various properties. into the base rubber.

The main raw materials are methyl or vinyl raw rubber, adding silica, bridging agent, structure control agent, coupling agent and other materials, and are mixed by high temperature internal mixer.

Mixing rubber is divided into: gas phase mixing rubber and precipitation mixing rubber
The difference between them is:
Gas-phase method silica gel has better tear resistance and is suitable for: products such as sleeves, pressure cooker rings, silica gel lines, etc.;
The precipitation method silica gel has a better anti-impact life and is suitable for: remote control buttons, mobile phone buttons, foot pads, etc.
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