Characteristics and Application of High Hydrogen Silicone Oil
PostTime:2022-11-21 11:38:32
Runhe high hydrogen-containing silicone oil molecules contain a certain number of relatively active Si-H bonds. Under the action of catalysts, they can react with other chemical substances containing double bonds, hydroxyl groups and other active groups to generate various special properties. Silicone products. This product has the characteristics of weather resistance and good hydrophobicity. Under the catalysis of some metal salt catalysts, it can cross-link on the surface of various substrates to form a waterproof film, which is moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof and breathable.

1. It is used for the finishing of various fibers such as cotton, linen, silk and acrylic fiber, polyester, etc. It is used for the moisture-proof and moisture-proof of building materials such as fire extinguishing agent (dry powder), gypsum board glass, ceramics, leather, paper, metal, cement, marble, etc. Hydrophobic treatment.
2. Addition silicone rubber series products are used as cross-linking agent.
3. Synthetic modified silicone oil is the basic raw material and important intermediate for the synthesis of polyether modified silicone oil, alkyl modified silicone oil, etc.
4. Hydrophobic agents, lubricants, anti-sticking agents, etc. in cosmetic oily foundations.

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