Silicone Resin

Methylphenyl silicone resin IOTA-B202
Phenyl silicone resin IOTA B201
Epoxy-modified silicone resin IOTA H-60
Epoxy-modified silicone resin IOTA H-30
Polyester modified silicon resin IOTA 1062G
Modified silicone resin IOTA 1057
This product has good high temperature performance and water repellent and moisture resistant performance and electrical insulation properties, arc corona resistance performance, weather resistance and chemical stability. This product could dry in room temperature. This product has high hardness(more than 2H), high gloss, good fullness, high anti-yellowing performance after fully cured .
Pure silicone resin IOTA 1056
Pure silicone resin IOTA 1053G
Polyester modified silicone resin IOTA 1046
Polyester modified silicone resin IOTA 1038A
Silicone sol is the dispersion of silica particles in nano scale in water or solvent.
Silicone pressure sensitive glue IOTA 600, for the preparation of high temperature under high-performance films and tapes for industrial use fabric glue, could also be used in electrical insulation tape, electronic combination lithography masks, flame and plasma spray masking, electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference shielding and plastic fight other operations.
Methyl silicone resin
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